After military operations started taking place in Sulu island and nearby areas, there were at least more than 20 bandits who were gunned down. However, the sad part of the story is that the Abu Sayyaf was able to execute at least 15 soldiers through an ambush attack. There were several soldiers who were mutilated from the attack. The bandits took several belongings from the slain soldiers, which may give importance that could provide them their basic needs. Some of these examples are cellular phones taken from the slain soldiers.

But the main story is about a text message to a soldier's mother. As the mother was asking how her son is doing in the war zone, a text message responded her that made the mother shocked. Abu Sayyaf texted the mother of Private First Class Jison Falcasantos, informing her that her son is already lifeless. The bandits told the mother that they have already beheaded the soldier, mutilated his body parts, and took any useful belongings from him. The mother responded that the bandits have no conscience for killing his son. However, the bandits responded again, indicated that the soldiers was the first to invade their place. In that message, the bandits threaten the mother that she will be the next to be beheaded by the bandits.
Jison Falcasantos
As a relative of a soldier who is currently assigned in a war zone, this type of text message is the most feared scenario that you always wish to happen. Unfortunately for the mother of Jison, it broke her hear when she received a text message that was really from the bandits. As a mother, you could suffer from a major heart disease because you have just received a news from a group that you don't want to be the first person to inform you.

Although the Abu Sayyaf is now under attack by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the bandits are still on the loose, continuing their terrorizing ideologies to the community. President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he recently ordered for the pulverization of the bandits responsible for terrorizing the country. This means that there will be more troops who will be assigned in Sulu and nearby islands to destroy the terrorist network operating in the area as well as other parts of Mindanao.

Abu Sayyaf is linked with international terror networks. One is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) terror network, which is by far, the largest and strongest terrorist group in the world. Another is Al Qaeda, which have been known to operate for at least 25 years. The lone terror network in the Philippines has been known responsible for kidnappings and executions of their captives, which always intimidates the public. Their mode of terroristic tactic creates a worldwide attention due to their cold-hearted ability to execute their captives, regardless of age and nationality.

The terrorist bandit's haven is concentrated in the island of Sulu. The group's strategic recruitment targets the poor, in which they are easily brainwashed in order to join the bandit and spread terror activities. The group also targets young children, whom were still young to be easily manipulated by the group.
Mother of Jison asks how is he doing. But she got the most terrifying response in her life
Abu Sayyaf intends to stay in Sulu, which is one of the most isolated places in the Philippines. Sulu is a subgroup of archipelago that lies off-the-coast of Mindanao island. Abu Sayyaf can freely roam the island through boats, which transforms them into pirates in the Sulu Sea and in the Celebes Sea.

Abu Sayyaf is feared by most resorts across the Sulu Sea, and Celebes Sea. The terror group roams these seas to target any sailors and beach resorts to take hostage in the area. Captives that were nabbed by the groups are from Indonesia, Norway, and perhaps from Malaysia. The group has been known to trespass Philippine borders with Indonesia and Malaysia to search for foreign captives.

The mother replied, you have no conscience. However, the Abu Sayyaf threatens to behead her
The war against Abu Sayyaf will test the Armed Forces of the Philippines to try destroying the bandits. The AFP hopes that the group will be neutralized before the end of the year, making Philippines free from future terrorist attacks.

Abu Sayyaf is responsible for destroying the image of the Philippines, creating intimidation to international communities. The islamist militant has been operating as a jihadist group, aiming to execute Christians, Buddhists, and other non-Muslims.

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