Rita Gabiola's effortless beauty captivated the hearts of the public when she started trending in social media websites. Her unique facial features and incredible bone structure is one of her strongest qualities that can make a promising future ahead of her. As an internet sensation as well as a reality television series participant, Rita is now known to the public as former PBB housemate as televised by ABS-CBN television network in the Philippines. But many was too disappointed by her eviction, citing that she was evicted too soon from the reality television show.

Behind Rita's beautiful persona, there is another person who possesses a close resemblance to her. Meet Andrea Crisosto Orleans. She was dubbed as Badjao girl kalokalike or look-alike of Rita Gabiola. Andrea's eyes, bone structure, and other features of her face is similarly comparable with that of Rita Gabiola. Friends and relatives of Andrea sometimes call her as the Badjao girl because they think that her facial feature is obviously similar with Rita Gabiola. Andrea is very happy to know that several individuals likened her for having similar facial features with the internet sensation and now former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Rita Gabiola.
Andrea Crisosto Orleans is the look-alike of Rita Gabiola or Badjao Girl
She was born on the 17th of April in 1999. Andrea currently lives in Barangay Oyong, Sigma, Capiz. Andrea is already 17 years old. Andrea's mother is Nelia Orleans and her father is Isidro Orleans. Andrea has three brothers; namely, Andrian, Andrew, and Andy, making her as the only girl among the four siblings.

Andrea hopes to be a teacher someday. She is currently a first-year college student, taking up Bachelor of Science in Biology at Capiz State University in Burias Campus. Andrea chose a degree in biology for her to pursue an alternative endeavor in the field of medicine. She can be both a teacher as well as a licensed physician in the future. Andrea's classmates and friends started calling her Badjao or "Badj" since Rita Gabiola rose to fame and became an instant internet sensation. Due to the persistent naming of Andrea as "Badj", her family and relatives discovered that she was indeed Rita's kalokalike.

Being called as Badj or Badjao, Andrea felt different because she was not aware that her friends started saying that she looks like Rita Gabiola. When she finally identify and know more about Rita, Andrea realized that they are facially similar with each other. Since then, she started getting used to being called by the name Badj or Badjao as her new nickname from her friends, classmates, and relatives anywhere.
Andrea Crisosto Orleans on the left and upper middle while Rita Gabiola is on the upper right and lower right
Andrea hopes to meet Rita Gabiola in person someday. She wants to personally see her celebrity look-alike and would like to seal her memory with Rita. These include taking photos with each other as well as exchanging remembrance. If Rita will be invited and awarded with another talent contract from any television networks, she might start traveling from one place to another, having the chance to meet Andrea if she happens to visit Capiz.

Miss Orleans loves to draw and she can even draw herself by just using a pencil. Andrea loves drawing anything that she finds it interesting in just a piece of paper. Through her talent alone, she can take an art class to further improve her skills in arts and design while drawing.

Apparently, Rita Gabiola was recently evicted from Pinoy Big Brother's house, diminishing her chances to enter the final 4 spot. Since her eviction, Rita's fears that her only hope for stardom fades as there is no other exclusive opportunities that might help change her lifestyle as well as her family's socio-economic stability.

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