There is nothing wrong when you believe something important that can change your perception in life. Just like when you believe that the power of divine intervention is capable of solving your problems could make you feel calmer because you are aware that there is someone from above who is watching you. In the same manner, believing something that is miraculous, which you think that it can have the ability to provide a necessity to improve your life in the future. For this reason, you always think about optimism into your life and career because you are always asserting something that will come into your way.

This is the case of the Jesus Crucifix located at the backstage of Araneta Coliseum. It portrays the crucifixion of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago somewhere in Israel. The crucifix was installed in that part of the Araneta Coliseum to provide an everlasting blessing from the Holy Father in heaven. This is where participants of some events in the Araneta Coliseum would go and seek divine blessings and grace from the Lord by praying peacefully through the Jesus crucifix that can be found at the back of the stage.
Pia Wurtzbach's second attempt for Binibining Pilipinas 2014 at the left and when she became as Miss Universe 2015 on the right. 
As based on the two photographs, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach was photographed praying to the crucifix after her second attempt during the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas 2014. She landed as one of the top 15 finalists of the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines. When Pia made a third attempt to join as a candidate of Binibining Pilipinas 2015, she eventually took home the crown and gained the licensed to represent the country.

During Miss Universe 2015 pageant, Pia Wurtzbach brought a classical beauty that quickly stole the hearts of Miss Universe Organization staff. Her vibrant aura during that pageant is one of the most important qualities that keeps her being noticed each day. Pia integrated the power of divine intervention to help her journey through the crown. And during the coronation night, an answered prayer was fulfilled in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Pia Wurtzbach made it as the third woman from the Philippines to win the most coveted crown in the universe.

Similarly, this is also the case of Mutya Datul, who won Miss Supranational Philippines 2013. After winning the title, she asked for a divine intervention by praying in front of Jesus Christ Crucifix at the backstage of Araneta Coliseum after the coronation night. Mutya believes that a prayer is a very powerful way to achieve or solve something that is very important to you. When Mutya Datul was sent to Belarus to compete, she was declared Miss Supranational 2013. Mutya Datul is the first woman from the Philippines to win Miss Supranational as well as the first woman in Asia.

5 Reasons why Jesus Christ crucifix in the backstage of Araneta Coliseum can be miraculous

1. Mutya Datul won Miss Supranational: Mutya Datul won Miss Supranational 2013, our brothers and sisters from the Catholic Church are now referring their win due to the power of the Holy Spirit. And most are referring to the Jesus Christ crucifix that was located on the backstage of Araneta Coliseum. Free believers are now starting to become curious about the divine abilities of this holy crucifix due to its capability to bring charm and grace to a person's life in a major way.

2. Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Universe 2015: When you look at the picture, you can probably experience wiping your tears because those two pictures mean a million words. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach simply would like to thank for all the guidance that helped her achieve in her lifetime. Her inspirational life story reminds us that there is nothing wrong when you try to seek for a diving intervention because when blessings come, it pours.

3. Graced a certain team to win an important competition: Apart from beauty queen stories that were still untold in relation with the connection of Jesus Christ crucifix located at the backstage of Araneta Coliseum, there were several athletes and legends who also sought help from that crucifix for divine interventions. Some athletes who sought divine intervention on praying in that particular crucifix stand made them believe that that was one of the most important factors why they won.

4. Graced several multipurpose activities: Installing sacred figures in a business brings luck to your operations. This is why Araneta Coliseum is also known as Smart Araneta Coliseum or the Big Dome is one of the most preferred venues for both local and international event organizers to grace their shows. The facility is an indoor multipurpose facility. It is located in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. It hosts several recreational and entertainment activities such as hosting a sporting event, circus, international stage plays, and beauty pageants.

5. Made celebrities very successful: Celebrities who prayed on the crucifix were given big breaks in their careers. Praying in that crucifix blessed them with more than grace and mercy than they asked from the Lord above. Examples are several concert events being organized by media companies to ensure that celebrities will gain another accomplishment for having a successful show at the Araneta Coliseum that sparked made them a superstar.

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