At first, Philippines is condemned by other countries as well as international organizations around the world due to its bloody campaign against illegal narcotics trafficking. The Philippines is now storming the media around the world due to its harsh treatment towards criminals responsible for circulating illegal substances across the country and abroad. When a suspected and a repeat offender has been linked to the use, trade, and manufacturing of illegal substances and narcotics, they are immediately indicted by the authorities. Some criminals who decided to fight with the police ends up being fatally wounded.

But now, the style of the Philippines anti-narcotics campaign is slowly inspiring other communities. One of which is Indonesia. The Police Chief in Indonesia wants to adapt neighboring country, the Philippines on its style of waging war against illegal trade and use of prohibited substances to the community. Citing that a tougher law should be imposed so that dealers and users of illegal substances become afraid and will immediately stop its wrongdoing. In this way, criminal activities can significantly decrease in Indonesia, which is now happening in the Philippines.
Indonesia wants to adapt Philippine-style war against anti-narcotics campaign
Indonesia's Chief of National Anti- Narcotics Agency Budi Waseso believes that Indonesia will also decrease the number of criminal activities across the country with this style. Waseso indicated that the trade of illegal narcotics is very rampant in both the Philippines and Indonesia. If the strategy is already efficient and effective in the Philippines, Indonesia can also do an effective job to its archipelago.

Budi Waseso stated that "the life of a certain dealer is considered meaningless because he can always carry out mass fatalities". So how can we respect a person who is a repeat offender that continues to do similar offenses against the society in the future? Criminal offenders are responsible for committing grave offenses against the health, security, and the life of other individuals or groups. Therefore, tougher laws should be imposed to prevent similar incidents that can happen in the future.

Indonesia is also condemned by other countries due to its tough law on traffickers of illegal narcotics in the country. The country is known to execute both local and foreigners who were caught with illegal substances, which is part of its law. However, there are still rampant cases of illegal narcotics use and trade across Indonesia, which remains a problem in the country. Following the Philippine style will be an efficient way for Indonesia to sweep all offenders combined with its existing legal provisions.

President Rodrigo Duterte made a series of media attention across the Philippines due to its campaign against the use and trade of illegal substances. This is brought about by the rising numbers of executed individuals and public officials involved in the illegal narcotics trade across the country. However, most Filipinos agree with the campaign, citing that it is a significant strategy to decrease negative elements of the law.

International agencies and organizations also condemned Rodrigo Duterte's campaign, citing that there are numerous lives that are now being affected. The idea with regards to the neutralization of offenders linked with illegal substance trade was claimed hideous and dangerous. They urge to stop the killings due to the violation of rights of offenders.

The Commission of Human Rights is urging the Philippine government to consider the rights of offenders. There were individuals who were linked were actual innocent civilians who were misidentified by the authorities. Innocent lives were lost due to inefficient tracking of actual offenders that are now causing a controversy in both local and international organizations.

After the ASEAN Summit in Vientianne, Laos, President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia. President Duterte is expected to meet the Indonesian President as well as its Police officials to discuss the issue of Mary Jane Veloso, who is now indicted for execution in Indonesia. Both Indonesian and the Philippine officials will also discuss bilateral issues as part of its political and economic partnerships.

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