Remember her? She is the comedian that you see every Sunday in ABS-SBN's "Luv U". The teenage sitcom series was aired between February of 2012 to June of 2013. Joy Viado was the Lola (Grandma) Paula  of Camille Sarmiento, who was played by Miles Ocampo in that Television Series. The second season of the teenage sitcom series aired its finale episode on January 2016. Since then, Joy Viado seldom appeared in the limelight due to health reasons. However, you may no longer see her in television programs, films, and variety shows because she just recently joined our creator on Saturday night.

On September 10, 2016, Joy Viado was rushed to Quezon City General Hospital for  reportedly having a difficulty of breathing. However, Madame Joy Viado wasn't able to make it and was pronounced dead by the medical staff at approximately 8:55pm as based on her chart in the above-mentioned hospital. Medical examination revealed that she suffered a heart attack, which has been the main cause of her death on Saturday evening. Since she was a talent of ABS-CBN, entertainment correspondents confirmed the sad news to the public.
Comedianne Joy Viado
The son of Joy Viado, Joseph Christopher indicated that she started suffering from a difficulty of breathing when she arrived home after visiting a friend's house. Her son then brought Joy to the car to bring her to the nearest health care facility. While inside the car, Joy Viado's symptoms further intensified and slowly lost her consciousness.

Medical staff from Quezon City General Hospital attempted to revive her. They administered immediate revival techniques and medications to allow Joy to regain her consciousness. However, all medical interventions failed to revive her consciousness. The medical staff made a very difficult decision to declare Joy Viado dead on arrival at the hospital. This is the worst case scenario for a family member when the medical staff of a health institution will inform the most devastating news that could change your life forever.

Joseph indicated that the funeral wake of the late comedian will be hosted by Arlington Memorial Chapels starting on Sunday afternoon, September 11, 2016. Friends and relatives of the late comedienne are expected to visit her wake starting on Sunday afternoon. As expected, her fellow workmates from the entertainment industry are expected to visit her to pay her last respect in Arlington Memorial Chapels.

In 2015, Joy Viado made headlines after she appeared in local news pleading for financial support. This was because she was suffering from diabetes complications where her foot is in danger of being amputated. After her public plea, her friends from the local showbiz industry started to pour support to help keep her foot from being amputated.

Since 2000, Joy Viado was diagnosed with diabetes, which is a condition wherein the blood glucose level is already measured to be more than 110 mg/dl. Joy underwent several foot debridement surgeries to prevent her foot from being amputated due to the gangrenous complications of diabetes.

Joy Viado was a Filipina actress, comedian, and a singer. She was born in Metro Manila in the Philippines sometime in 1965. She died of a heart attack on September 10, 2016, at the age of 57. She appeared in several television films and shows in the local entertainment industry in the Philippines.

At early life, Joy Viado made a booming career in the entertainment industry when she started as a host for IBC-13's noontime variety show, which was known as Lunch Break. ABS-CBN was her mother television network where she was given several dozens of projects being one of the casts in television shows, films, and variety shows.

Joy Viado was also a host and a singer to several comedy bars across Metro Manila.

Rest in Peace, Joy Viado.

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