In August, Sarah Duterte happily announced to the public that she is expecting triplets, which is a rare scenario for an expectant mother who wants to build a larger family. Mayor Sarah was advised by her obstetrician to avoid herself being exposed to any stressor because it could complications to her pregnancy. An announcement was made to the Davao City community that Sarah will not be always seen publicly by the community due to the complications affecting her health for a few weeks. That was in the month of August this year. However, Sarah's condition went from being a happy mother to a mother in agony.

But then, Sarah was informed by her obstetrician that she already lost two of her babies. The two babies show no signs of heart beats. Upon reassessing the medical examination for Sarah's pregnancy, it has been confirmed that there are two babies that were already lost. But at least that is still one baby who is still fighting for life because there is one heartbeat left during the examination by the physician. It was a very shocking situation for Sarah Duterte, which made her become emotional and did an emotional break down the whole day on Monday.
Davao City Mayor and Presidential Daughter Sarah Duterte-Carpio
On September 2, 2016, an incident occurred in Roxas Avenue in Davao City where there are at least 14 casualties and 70 injuries caused by a blast brought about by the Abu Sayyaf. As the mayor of Davao City, Inday's presence is badly needed to investigate the issue and assess the situation, causing physical and psychological stress. She became visible in both local and national media to clarify issues and agreed to numerous interviews.

On Monday, was feeling stressed out and started to feel very ill. So she sought for an immediate medical help where she undergone a series of medical examination and tests. After a few hours, an unexpected news that a pregnant woman would hear from their doctors. Sarah was informed about the condition of her babies and began to feel very sad about her situation. As an expectant mother, taking away the life of your unborn children is the worst situation that you can experience. She was still figuring out how come the physicians did not say the exact cause of demise for her two unborn children.

Sarah Duterte indicated that knowing the worst news brings you the worst pain in your life because there are two persons involved in the situation. The pain that you never had the chance to hug your babies, hold them, and talk to them is simply agonizing because one of the most important gifts is already taken away from you. Sarah was not expecting that this kind of news stricken her psychological and mental capacity as a person.

The attending physician advised Sarah not to extract the two demised fetuses. The rationale for this is to prevent complications that might affect the condition of the surviving fetus. This means that the two demised fetuses will still be kept intact until further notice. The only concern is the risk of sepsis that can be brought about by the demised babies that could affect the surviving baby as well as the health of Davao City Mayor.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial stage during pregnancy. This is when the babies start to develop their neural tubes, which are vital for the growth of their brain, heart, liver, lungs, and the skeletal system. The pregnant mother should not be exposed to any stressors such as physical stress, emotional stress, or physiological stress because it can easily affect the growth and development of their fetus.

The family of Sarah Duterte is now mourning the loss of her two unborn children. It is an unfortunate for the chief executive for Davao City to be rigged with successive sad news about her city and then her family.

Sarah Duterte is married to Manases Carpio, which is related to Conchita Morales Carpio. The couple has 2 children. Namely, Sharky Carpio at aged 7 and Stingray at aged 3.

Mayor Sarah Duterte still vows to continue her duties and responsibilities as the mother of Davao City. She is not terrorized by the recent bombings caused by the terror group Abu Sayyaf that claimed at least 14 lives and several injuries. Sarah Duterte vows to intensify security campaign to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Sarah Duterte is also calling the attention of the public to report any suspected individuals who might be linked with the recent bombing incident occurred in Davao City. The hotlines can be reached at *8888 or 911. It is advised that there should be no prank callers because violators will be apprehended by the law.

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