One ordinary day while inside a jeep, a young teenager waiting for a jeep along the street stopped the public utility vehicle to take a ride. While riding inside, other jeepney riders were slowly astounded by the beauty of this young lady. This person couldn't notice that other jeepney riders were starting to roll their eyeballs towards her as she waits patiently on the jeep to reach her point of destination. As she flickers her hair, her innocent face and radiant skin tone on her face slowly attracted the attention of all other jeepney riders.

One jeepney passenger can no longer control self but to take out the camera. The stranger asked the beautiful young teenager if she would allow being pictured. The pretty lady agreed and started to pause in front of the camera. There were also several clips that were taken to showcase her beauty as she worked her pause for the stranger. Just hours after the picture was taken by a stranger, the photos of this young woman quickly went viral over the internet. Netizens began to be captivated by the innocent beauty of this young woman. You can see if from Louis Facebook photos
14-year-old student Louis Santos
However, here's the catch. Did you know that this beautiful woman is not actually a woman? And yes, it is actually a boy. The beautiful angel's name is Louis Santos. He is a 14-year-old student in Manila. Louis is very pleased that many are attracted and mesmerized by his physical features as he posted more pictures online.

Louis is aware that many are getting more interested knowing more about him because of her attractive features. However, they were not aware that he is a teenage boy. Louis just simply used a wig so that he would look more feminine in the photos. This beautiful person also used the wig on the top of his head to cover her real short hairstyle. A light makeup on his face is already enough to highlight the skin tone of his face and his body to further captivate anyone who sees him.

Santos only wants to show his true color as a person who does not hide anything from himself to others. Sharing his photos online makes him more proud of himself as a person with a pure heart. He wants to show things that he is capable of doing. He is aware that his actions already reflects his true sexual orientation as a woman by heart. Louis family already knew about his sexual orientation and is now happy that they accept it without any doubts because he is a member of their family. However, there are still other close-minded individuals who do not appreciate the existence of homosexuals.

Louis is calling for bashers to stop criticizing him because negative opinions will only provoke hatred not only to him but also against other innocent persons. He requested all negative minded individuals to just simply ignore him if they feel uncomfortable being with him or seeing his photos online. This is to prevent any emotional distress that could cause another disturbance to his personal feelings.

Louis Santos is very happy that somehow, he can still regard himself as an inspiration to others through his beauty. This is because most people mistakenly regard his photos belonging to a beautiful woman. He is very thankful that not every person has negative thoughts that always cause harsh criticisms against others.

If ever given the opportunity, Louis is delighted to be a future local celebrity. This is a rare opportunity that every person wants to achieve, especially that few makes it very successful in the field of the entertainment industry.

What are your thoughts about the beauty of Louis?

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