Philippine President Rodrigo "Digong" Roa Duterte's war on illegal substances will now be advertised by all SM cinemas in the Philippines for free. ABS-CBN will also air several advertisements of the Philippine president's illegal substance campaign without any charges. This is to further intensify public awareness with regards to the use of illegal substances, especially for those individuals and groups who are still persistent being involved with the illegal campaign on prohibited substances.

According to the Secretary for the Presidential Communications Martin Andanar, the palace is very pleased to have several large conglomerates and media companies who are willing to cooperate with the president's war on illegal substances. The palace is very happy to know that intensifying campaign against the use and the possession of illegal substances are some of the main concerning issues that affect our societies today. Participating private sectors will be helping the government to boost prosperity and security to the society by decreasing the use of illegal substances.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will now be supported by SM and ABS-CBN against war on illegal substance
The war on illegal substance use and trade has been the top priority of the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. As the head of state, it is his duty and responsibility to always secure the safety of the Philippines. The war against the use, manufacturing, and trading of illegal substances should be eradicated across the country. Any individuals or groups listed under the illegal substance watch list will be informed and asked to surrender or face the consequences.

One of the world's most respected director Brillante Mendoza is responsible for creating the new ad campaign against the war on the use of illegal substance. The award-winning director is also offering the ad campaign for free in order to help the Philippine president to intensity his campaign against the war on crimes and negative elements of the society. For this reason, the Philippine government will not spend anything for the ad campaigns that will be aired by the biggest conglomerates in the country.

SM conglomerate promised the government to always roll on advertisements that will appear in more than 300 cinema outlets across the Philippines and also abroad. The advertisement campaign can be watched by those who will be going to any SM cinemas. Each ad campaign will be shown to the public before and after the movie plays. This is to further increase the awareness of the public, especially for movie lovers regarding the consequences of being involved with illegal drugs.

Eugenio Gabby Lopez III and his sister Energy Secretary Gina Lopez also promised the president to air the ad campaign to all ABS-CBN networks. The advertisement campaign runs for at least 30 seconds and will be played frequently as followed by the policies of the television network's advertisement campaign. The ad campaign is definitely for free and the government will not spend anything for it.

Andanar indicated that a 30 seconds advertisement costs roughly at about 4 million in Philippine Peso. If this was a regular commercial ad, companies are still willing to pay for it in order to expose their product through advertising campaigns. Television media who are willing to provide an ad campaign that is free of charge is very rare for as long as it could benefit the interest of the public.

Television campaign can penetrate all households so that public awareness with regards to the war against the illegal use of substances will deteriorate. Even the most remote places will be informed with regards to the issue related to the anti-drug campaign.

What can you say about the free ads campaign provided by ABS-CBN and SM?

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