Facebook is the epitome of social media because it has the largest number of users from around the world. There are billions of users who are always inclined on using Facebook as an avenue with their network of communications and socializations with other individuals. Whenever people use the internet, their number one option is to use Facebook because it is one of the most accessible ways to communicate with peers individual.

Facebook posting is a free activity that a person could express their emotions or anything that they want to convey. But this is a social media where you allow your posts to be seen and read by the public, especially to your friends who share similar sentiments that would enable your reactions and interests to be also scrutinized. Posting comments is also a sensitive issue, which is why there are several reports of violence due to unwanted comments that were engaged by some users who are emotionally enraged by the comment.
Facebook comments allow users to pick emoticons as a response
The problem is when you are going to comment negative thoughts towards the comment box of a certain post can risk your safety. There were already several reports of users who have been attacked by the owner of the post because they were just commented an undesirable reaction towards the post of the owner. Victims were mostly physically assaulted, leaving them with several injuries where there are rare cases that they sustained life-threatening injuries.

However, if a person made some insensitive remarks to a certain comment, they end up being fatally attacked by the assailants who happen to be the owner of the posts. Most reasons are brought about by commenting opposite remarks the post to the user who published the comment. Other examples are reacting negatively such as disliking the post, getting angry at the post, and commenting hurtful words towards the person who published their personal post.

When people will try to comment on Facebook, they always utilize their emotions to ensure that they can produce a stimulating connection with the person who they want to comment with. However, not all comments are desirable because there are sensitive individuals who might not get along with the comments that were labelled against them. For this reason, commenting on Facebook will seek to just make a feedback either right or wrong, as long as they express their views and concerns towards that particular person.

Simplest form of commenting can us through the emoticons

The most dangerous comments that are causing emotional outbursts, anxiety, and violence are posting insensitive comments, profanity, hate speech, and venting their frustrations towards the post. Another is when the person tells to the owner of the post the they dislike it. In addition, When posting emoticons that indicate anger, it can generate a severe emotional anxiety that may lead to anger by the owner of the post towards the person who made to click the anger emoticon button.

Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to communicate with other users. It allows all information to be displayed in user's timeline whenever they publish a certain post. This is composed of photos, videos, or textual information about their profile or any activities related to them.

Why posting negative comments can risk your safety?

  • It can generate an extreme emotional reaction towards the comment being posted.
  • Sensitive remarks can initiate undesirable emotional and physical reaction. 
  • Causes anxiety or mild depression towards the post.
  • One post can let everyone read it and start exploiting your personal information. 
  • Destroys your personal integrity. 
  • Causes humiliation that can be resulting towards anger and frustration. 
  • Starts to proliferate an exchange of verbal criticisms. 
  • Provokes exchange of harsh statements against other users. 
  • Causes misunderstanding to several users.
  • Wrongfully destroy the image of other groups, users, and organizations. 
  • You can literally lose your job because your activities can be observed by your employers. 
  • Your friends can turn into your enemies and may start to rant negative words due to your insensitive comments. 
How can your safety at risk when posting negative comments or reactions?
  • Users can directly assault you in either physical or verbal way. 
  • Cyberbullying takes place where people starts to hack or churn your profile. 
  • Libelous or slander can take away your dignity and pride.
  • You can be a target for murder attempts. 
  • Your family members can be also at risk of being harmed. 
  • Close friends are also at risk for being assaulted.
  • Your Facebook profile will be completely compromised such as hacked. 
  • Banks accounts will be exposed and exploited. 
  • You can be legally liable for any offenses being filed by the person whom you might have been hurt, allowing other individuals from the family of the person to harm you.
  • You can be sued by the person for libel or slander, depending on the circumstances of the evidence presented to the court. 
  • Users can start stalking at your profile and your personal information whenever you posted even one insensitive comment. 
How to protect your safety
  • The first thing to consider is to prevent yourself from engaging in sensitive posts by not posting anything about it because it may prevent any emotional outbursts that can lead to the risk of safety.
  • If you cannot resist on getting engaged with the post, it is always important to choose non-negative comments on a certain post. 
  • Avoid posting photos that would cause other members linked to your profile to become emotionally attached such as being uncomfortable, angry, or unhappy with the photo. 
  • Never post a video of others who were unknowingly being recorded and then allowing other users to view their private activities. 
  • Always ignore posts that are directly attacking you in a negative way so that the emotional outburst can eventually diminish as time passes by.
  • Always change your password as often as possible to prevent other individuals from stalking your profile. 
  • If you do not wish to delete your account, you should change all information so that members will have difficulty searching for your profile and attempt to cause a risk to your safety. 
  • Change your security settings into private so that there will be limitations for other users to access your profile. 
  • The most effective way to never engage in anything from Facebook is to totally delete your account. 
  • You can create another account to ensure that you will leave behind individuals from stalking your profile due to negative comments. 

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