Physicians have every reason to be proud of because they take responsibility for reviving their patient's lives no matter what the circumstances are. The photo shows two physicians lying on the floor of what may seem to be an operating theatre and appears like they just had a post-surgical procedure while still wearing gloves.

Being a doctor is always assumed to be easy. But when you are already a legally practicing physician, you will already be exposed to new challenges that will take another part of your life to become more knowledgeable regarding the health issues that you should always immediately resolve before facing ethical concerns. The scenario that were experienced by the doctors show that they have been working for straight 32 hours, which is hours more than their standard duty of service that is 24 hours before taking a day off and before resuming their work for another 24 hours. But this time, doctors were completely exhausted because they have to sacrifice their health and time to save a patient's life. Amazing dedication and professionalism.
Doctors lay down after a 32-hour operation on a patient's brain
The viral photo shows two doctors who are already physically exhausted as they lay on the floor following a medical procedure. There were three surgeons, but only two surgeons are seen from the photo. Doctors performed one of the most challenging operation at Fujian Medical University Union Hospital in Fujian province, China  because they ended a staggering 32-hour medical operation, which is considered the longest performed procedure in the history of the hospital. The person on the right even flashed a victory sign by using the right hand, indicating that the operation has been successfully performed.

The procedure involved three medical surgeons assisted by six anesthesiologists and at least eight nurses. The medical team unified their skills and expertise to successfully remove a series of brain tumours from a single patient via craniotomy procedure. A craniotomy is a procedure wherein doctors will have to open a patient's skull. This is one of the longest surgical procedures that a surgeon performs along with his set of assistant doctors, assisting nurses, and anesthesiologists. This is one of the most complex procedures because doctors will have to open the skull of the patient before accessing the brain.

Being a physician are always tasked to save lives through assessment, diagnosis, and initiating a health care intervention to treat patients in clinics, communities, and in a medical institution. This is also applied for nurses and other allied medical procedures for their lifeless efforts just to save a person's life.

The third doctor that was not in the photo immediately left the operating room to proceed to another room to operate a new patient scheduled for another surgery procedure.

The patient is a 63-year-old woman who went into the hospital for a chief complaint of a severe headache, numbness, and a sudden loss of consciousness for two hours. The patient was accompanied by immediate family members to the hospital aiming to sought an immediate medical help.

A team of medical workers made a series of tests to the patient and found out that the patient was suffering from a severe cerebral hemorrhage and they should immediately perform a craniotomy procedure to prevent further complications to the patient.

However, the tests results show that the patient was also suffering from a several mass growth, indicating that there are a series of visible brain tumors across the patient's brain.

The procedure has a total of seven operations with six are major operations with one minor operation overall.

It was thought that the procedure was just recent; however, it happened on June 22, 2014. The photo went viral on Sina-Weibo, which is a Chinese version of twitter social media network that is mainly used in China. It became viral when the photos were posted in other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

The photo is still circulating online due to its powerful message to the public regarding the lifeless dedication of medical team just to save a person's life.

Medical staff around the world are astounded by the photo and still decide to share it with their online colleagues because it is one of the most historical medical procedures that has been undertaken by dedicated surgeons.

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