Are you always applying make-up all over your face on a regular basis? If you do, you might be facing a serious problem. Over applying different varieties of cosmetics into your face could risk your health, or even your life in the future. If you still do not care on decreasing a variety of cosmetics applied to your face, you could be surely facing numerous problems that considered irreversible in the future. Make up is the magic potion that we always use in order to make our physical appearance attractive to other individuals. Whenever we use make-up, our confidence level boost up, keeping our vibe to be more appreciated by other individuals such as friends and acquaintances.

Makeup is one of the most sought accessories and cosmetics that a person must have to use it before they will go outdoors. Every person must have to look attractive, which is why they always put make-ups or any kind of cosmetics to their face and other parts of their body. But then too much make-up can significantly degrade the quality of the skin because there are health hazards associated with the over usage of makeups that are causing the skin to look older than they appear.
Pia Wurtzbach No Makeup challenge
Many of us are amazed by the video tutorials presented by internet sensations due to their impressive make-up tutorials. The result of every artistic tutorial drives millions of fans, trying to follow their tips on how to properly apply cosmetic artistry to their delicate face. What attracts most is the result for each tutorial that represents the essence of facial art through the use of different varieties of cosmetic applications. This can be observed from eyeshadows, lipsticks, and numerous layers of foundations of concealers applied to the face with contouring processes.

Fashion models and beauty queens are always advocating no make-up day to their fans because they are aware that there are cosmetic lines that are not really genuine. Each celebrity fan page publishes photos of a certain celebrity with no make-up, helping to prevent any health risks and consequences associated with heavy make-ups being applied by several beauty enthusiasts.

This is not all about against make-up. The thing is the risks associated with the use of fake products that are riding along with genuine products in the market. There are several products that are counterfeited goods, which risks the health of the public just to gain monetary campaign as well as to satisfy the self-greed among syndicates.

Applying makeup is good; however, overapplying can risk several issues in your personal integrity such as image, health, and life.

10 reasons why too much make up could destroy your skin

1. Fake products

Due to practical reason, many individuals opt to buy cosmetic products that are cheaper in order to save money. They take advantage in flea markets and open market spaces that allow random vendors to sell products that are very cheap. Make up artists and enthusiasts are still at risk for purchasing materials that are counterfeit items. They usually buy to several boutiques and shops that are filled with fake items being supplied by syndicates along the street or even at the mall.

2. It causes cancer

Did you know that there are several reported cases of fake products that are linked to cancer? This include skin cancer, lip cancer, or abnormal tissue growth in the eye? This is often associated with the use of cosmetic products that are not safe or from an unknown source. Cancer is a condition wherein there is an abnormal proliferation of cells and tissues affecting a certain part of the body, which is the skin. When you still use cosmetics over and over into your face, not knowing that some are fake, you might develop cancer growth.

3. Clogs pores

If you wear makeup more than 8 hours a day on a daily basis, your pores will be always clogged, allowing dirt to proliferate inside your skin. Organic particles that are trapped inside your pores with several layers of makeup foundations, it will likely to cause infection. Pores need air in order to provide ventilation to the glands. It allows sebaceous oil to be released into the skin that will lubricate the skin surface on a daily basis.

4. Causes pimples or acne

Pimples and acne are the worst nightmares for every person because it can destroy our confidence whenever there is even one that comes out into our face. Infection is likely to be the main cause for the development of this particular scenario because the pores are filled with dirt and pathogens that cause pus formation, allowing infectious growth such as pimples or acne. This will develop into pimples or acne, making the skin appear highly susceptible to lesions and visible marks.

5. Make you look older

Too much makeup transform you face look older than your actual age. Overenhancement of your facial features using makeup changes the appearance of your face. One example is when you are going to overapply eyeliners surrounding your eyes that are highly contrasting your eyeshadows. Darkening your eyebrows can also make it look your face to show its strong features, which highlights your fierce look. Thus, you will really look older.

6. Early development of wrinkles

If you always apply numerous levels of foundations and different cosmetics to your face, your skin gets tired that it may develop. The development of fine lines starts even in a few months if you continuous to apply heavy loads of makeup on your face and even your body. Heavy loads of cosmetics allow your body to experience loss of tissue or cellular perfusion because there is a blockage caused by the application of makeup.

7. Lose of moisture

Our skin's production of sebaceous oil fluids essential to provide lubrication to our face and body. But with loads of makeup and other cosmetic products, it blocks the sebaceous glands and allowing the skin to stay dry for numerous hours within the day. The result can be devastating to the skin because it makes it look drier than before without makeup.

8. Develops skin allergies

If you are alway using makeup, you could develop allergies that could further degrade the integrity of your skin's condition. Fake products contain harmful chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions that cause other parts that are covered with makeup to inflammation. Other signs include continuous itchiness that sometimes create a burning sensation towards the affected part of the body. When the skin becomes allergic to a certain product, it would likely to cause discomfort to your skin.

9. Burns the skin

Too much irritation to the skin may cause damage to your face. Instead of looking prettier, your face will unknowingly suffer from a severe chemical reaction from the product that contains irritants. A chemical burn is another type of burn caused by harmful chemicals that are not advisable for the skin to be in contact with. Instead of beautifying your skin, you can experience a severe irritation as well as burning sensation to cause your face to transform into a horrible appearance.

10. Cause permanent marks on the skin

The skin is an organ that is responsible for protecting our body from any health risks and threats. But when you abuse your skin such as applying numerous pounds of cosmetic materials, you could be risking the skin to leave permanent marks that will stay forever. Examples are greenish, grayish, or bluish discoloration that resembles a map in your skin. These permanent marks can cause chronic infection that might harm other parts of your body in the future.

* Before you apply makeup, be sure to choose the most trusted brand that are genuine to prevent any health risks to your skin and to your life.

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