This concerning image represents how India is tackling its population crisis all over its territory. People are running above the train, which is highly at risk for accidents and other hazards that concern their safety while traveling on the train. There are numerous travelers who climbed their way on the top of each train so that they could reach their destinations. Due to the very large number of passengers each day, people will try to sneak against each other so that they could take a ride towards their home and at work each day. This is one of the most distressing scenarios you can see in a place that is heavily populated.

This is a normal scenario in India because it is the only way for them to be transported to other place in order to continue make a living. They should have to push, pull, and force their way just to take a spot in order to travel to the place where they can continue their living. Women are placed inside the train while the male travelers should have to stay outside to prevent any security threats such as physical, verbal, and sexual harassment while travelling in a public transport system such as in train terminals.
India's crowded train
Overpopulation is one of the most concerning social issues in India. The photo represents how India are now suffering from overloaded trains each day. There are more than the average amount of passengers that rides all trains all over the country where people are always climbing on each rail wagons, which is already a normal part of their traveling routine. The photo only shows a minimum fraction of what is actually going on across the country's railway systems as well as other land transportation systems in India alone.

Regardless where was the video was taken, it shows a glimpse regarding the struggles for each resident in India will have to suffer from the growing population demand to transportation. As can be seen from the photo and the video below, the demand for transportation than the current supply of trains or transportation facilities available in the country. People always have to get used to when going to all transportation facilities and start to scramble to any tiny space for them to fit in just to reach their point of destination in any part of the country during the day.

As you travel, you will know that something disturbing scenario is haunting your everyday routine. This is brought about by the intensity of physical stress and pressure that you always encounter whenever you are going to commute. In public transport, commuting is one of the most convenient ways for every passenger to travel from one place to another. This is a case in India that is now causing media attention to the world.

Watch the clip below 

Basing from the video clip, people are disregarding the safety issues being addressed whenever they are riding on the top of each train. Some of them are more concerned on to the space that they will fill in rather than with their safety issues.

Overcrowding of trains has been a problem affecting the transportation industries in India. This is due to the number of mortality rates involving train accidents being observed along the train tracks.

Careless travelers were often being caught off guarded as they fall from the roof or from along the sides and then faces multiple injuries when they are being hit by another train.

There are also travelers who were not lucky enough to be crushed along the tracks, making it appear gruesome for some travelers of being aware on the risks of riding at the top of the roof of the train or along the sides.

Train operators, as well as transportation administrators, were overwhelmed in the number of travelers who are seen hitchhiking trains as they move from one point to another. Some are boasting why authorities were unable to stop them despite their efforts to decrease the number of accidents brought about by hitch-hiking activities.

For hitch-hikers, they prefer hanging on the top of the train because it is cheaper. They do not have to pay for the tickets or any fare that brings them to any point of destination that they reach.

They are aware that it is always a risk to hang around or to hitching along the roofs or the sides of the train, knowing that they have seen some riders who fell down and had accidents.

For them, life is very hard. In order to survive, you have to do something to hold on to never let anything to happen beyond your control.

India's growing population is expected to boom to at least more than 2 billion in the middle of the 21st century, beating the current population of China. With this situation, there will be more travelers who will be seen hitch-hiking along the sides or the roof of the train.

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