It is just 6 months away before Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will finally leave her apartment in New York City in preparation for the next winner to occupy the place. Even though Pia will be back in the Philippines to start a new life as the latest Miss Universe in her home country, there are numerous things that she can keep it in her lifetime. One example is about her friendship with Miss Universe 2015 second runner-up Olivia Jordan.

This is what happens when your personality is highly compatible with other person's personality. This is an issue that two people share it on a long-term basis. As a person of interest, your interests happens to be the interest of that other individual. This is due to several factors why both of you made similar expressions as well as values that can be shared. These two beauty queens are just some examples on how a person could engage in an interesting bond with each other due to their interesting identity as well as humble personality.
Close friends Pia Wurtzbach and Olivia Jordan
During the competition, Olivia and Pia are seen together, enjoying their great time as candidates vying for the Miss Universe crown. This was in December when 88 contestants from all over the world came to Las Vegas, Nevada in order to compete on who will be the most beautiful woman in the Universe for 2015. During gala events, commercials, photo shoots, and guesting. Pia and Olivia are always seen together like two siblings who developed a strong friendship bond together.

Even before the pageant started, Olivia Jordan has been posting her personal posts, indicating her intent to start a bond with Pia. Olivia initially thought that Pia has something that other's do not have. This is all about her charm and charisma to the audience by just only using her beauty and classy look that is starting to influence pageant enthusiasts. She also indicates that she can't wait for her to meet Pia, which is one of the most promising candidates of Miss Universe that other countries should watch out for.

The two both declared their lifetime friendship even if their reign as Miss Universe and Miss USA will end later this year. She will eventually vacate her New York apartment and will be ready to return to the Philippines after her reign.

Even if they will be miles apart, both beauty queens will never allow their friendships to fade. They will still maintain their communications wherever they go and whatever their career will partake in the future.

Pia Wurtzbach was awarded as Miss Universe 2015 with Olivia on the right

When the real challenge became a reality, it was the time when Steve Harvey announced the real winner of the pageant. It was seen that Olivia Jordan already knew that something was going on when the wrong candidate was already crowned. Pia was called as the real winner was the time when critics called Pia with several ridiculous commentaries. The wrong announcement created an emotional division between the candidates. One for Ariadna, and others for Pia.

As a winner from the Philippines, most delegates from Asia and several from Europe expressed their support for Pia. Most Latin American delegates supported for Ariadna Gutierrez, which is the current first runner-up of Miss Universe 2015. She is expected to replace Pia Wurtzbach if she cannot fulfill her duties during her reign.

As reigning queens, both are usually seen guesting to several shows to different local and international news media, magazines, and cultural events.

Pia Wurtzbach and Olivia Jordan

Olivia expressed her full support for Pia. She provided her physical and emotional support by talking to her on stage and tapping her hand at the back of Pia. She is very happy that the person she admires wins the coveted crown as Miss Universe 2015.

After the pageant, both ladies expected that the tensions brought about by the controversies could further escalate around the world. They remained silent for several days in order to take a rest from weeks of international exposure in Las Vegas and to enjoy their moments as the lucky candidates who placed during the Miss Universe competition.

Pia Wurtzbach and Olivia Jordan in another guesting

On the other hand, Pia is so happy that there is one girl that offered her friendship and never-ending support to her, despite from the challenges that she faced. And this was during the coronation night where she was wrongfully called as the first runner-up.

Olivia Jordan also won the license to represent the USA during the 2013 Miss World competition. She was included in the top 20 and the first runner-up to top model of the world. Megan Young from the Philippines won the pageant as Miss World 2013.

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