When Pia Wurtzbach won as the new Miss Universe in 2015, one of the most memorable things that are now influencing the world is her gown. After the pageant, there is a new trend of gowns that are seen to be inspired by what Pia wore when she became as the new Miss Universe. Fashion enthusiasts, tailors, local artists, and international celebrities became attracted to the design of Pia's gown during that memorable pageant.

In every pageant, there are gowns that stands out from the rest of the designs, these are gowns that are well represented by a candidate who always wants to emphasize class and royalty. This pride that can be carried by the gown inspires new designers in hopes to have a greater chance to make their creations noticed by international celebrities and businessmen. Gowns are one of the most awaited trends that are now being advocated by politicians because they help on carrying the poise, bearing, and personality, which could help uplift public image to anyone who are wearing the gown in order to create a positive ambiance to the public.
Trending royal blue gowns. Notice something familiar?
The royal blue gown is now regarded as the ultimate preference for those who wants to wear it regardless of what gender they are. As based on the photo, there were already a few number of local and international celebrities who wore dresses that have something in common with what Pia wore when she won as the current Miss Universe. Notice the design and the sequence of the design of the gown, which has similarities. One noticeable design is the serpentina' style below the knees, the backless design at the back of the dress, and the v-shape style or rounded space along the chest part of the dress.

For most celebrities who are wearing Pia's royal blue inspired dress, they feel like they are also a royalty while walking through the aisle, red carpet, or corridors. There is a formality that can be felt while wearing the dress as they pass through a way that will lead them to a certain event. This is because wearing a royal blue gown makes them feel that they are the queen of the night. This is because the royal blue gown symbolizes elegance and grace as the person wearing the dress simply glides through the way, leading to their designated spots.

Official royal blue gown of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

The actual royal blue gown is designed by Albert Andrada. He is a Filipino fashion designer, known locally as one of the most respected artists in the fashion industry. As a designer, royal couture designs are just one of his expertise to showcase the essence of formality for those who are wearing his dresses during formal occasions in both local and international affairs.

As for the design of the gown, it is a semi-serpentine cut design with big folding designs below the knee. The back portion is designed to have  a pair of  inverted shiny v-striped lines, which creates a contrast with the plain royal blue design in front. The v-shaped design in front makes the gown look more elegant and emphasizes the overall figure of Pia. The pearly embedded design along the sides of the gown represents the pearls because the Philippines is the pearl of the orient.

Albert designed the gown for Pia Wurtzbach because he was chosen as the official designer for the Philippine representative for the Miss Universe pageant in December 2015.

He also designed Pia's national costume, which is a Filipiniana inspired dress with a Capiz inspired headdress with a traditional fan props.

Albert Andrada's design was among the chosen few who applied for the official designers offered by the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated (BPCI).

He replaced Alfredo Barazza, who was the former official designer for all Filipina delegates to various international beauty pageant competitions.

Barazza was replaced due to controversies about his design, which was criticized to be failing to comply with the standards of Filipino culture.

Pia Wurtzbach actually was the one who chose the color of the gown. She was inspired by the waters surrounding the Philippine archipelago. The royal blue gown epitomizes the queenly aura of Pia Wurtzbach as she wears it like a goddess while on stage.

However, both Pia and Andrada were not expecting that the gown exactly matched the Miss Universe crown. The blue colored stones from the crown make the gown look more elegant, emphasizing the essence of being a royalty.

Andrada can further expand his influence to other designers around the world because his ideas and creations generates Filipino influence to international celebrities who wants to be inspired by his ideas and products.

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