Pageant fanatics are not usually aware towards the value of the crown that is usually placed on the winning candidate's head during their coronation night. The reason behind is always associated with their mesmerized reaction to the performance of their favorite delegates. However, most watchers are not usually knowledgeable with regards to the impact of having an expensive crown to the head, which is usually worn by the winning candidate after they performed an excellent performance that beat other candidates with their respective local or international pageants. Hence, they are surprised to know the real value o the crown of their favorite contestants after the pageant.

Fans from all over the world are always focused on their personal bets to outshine other candidates in every pageant. However, they are not that aware the value of wearing the most formidable material for the winning candidate each year. Do you really actually know the real value of the Miss Universe crown worn by the winner? Let us find out more about it.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach wearing the crown
This new crown is unique because it represents modern pageantry. It highlights the New York skyline, which emphasizes liberty and modernity of the pageant world. While the crown is designed similarly with that of New York's skyline, it shows that pageants too can have a parallel enhancements with their ability to promote democracy in the field of entertainment. The crown's evolving design highlights the historical progress of Miss Universe beauty pageant because each design tells a story about the evolution of the pageant from time to time.

The crown worn by the winners of Miss Universe are the only personalities who can represent the organization to the world. By wearing it, it signifies their role as ambassadresses of beauty, power, and humility. Winners of Miss Universe wearing the crown feels like they are given with supernatural powers that can influence and change the world by just using their beauty, charm, and speech that are usually made in public.

The new crown 

Miss Universe beauty pageant is one of the most awaited, supported, and followed international beauty pageant in the world. This is considered the mother of all pageants because winners become instant celebrities that can take for a lifetime. Partnered companies are serious about engaging business partnership with this pageant due to the huge volume of target markets that can patronize their products.

Miss Universe crown
The crown is designed by Diamonds International Corporation (DIC) who was responsible creating one of the most expensive crowns in the world. DIC is a Czech luxury company who sketched and created the crown. The company spent at least four months creating and designing the crown for the Miss Universe Organization as well as for the winner of the annual beauty pageant. It is the first time that a Czech Company took its pride to be the first as a company from Czech Republic to design and produce it to the winner.

DIC is known as a jewelry company that designs and produces different kinds of jewelries. The company is hired by royal families, private companies, and governments to create a customized jewelry product such as necklace, bracelets, and crowns.

DIC is proud to work with Miss Universe Organization and having the opportunity to crown its annual Miss Universe winners.

The crown is revealed by the company to have an estimated worth 300, 000 US dollars.

The design of the crown is inspired by Manhattan skyline in New York City, which is emphasized by the vertical shaped crystals that makes up the crown.

The tiara contains several rare gems that makes it appear more elegant, luxurious, and fashionable, making the person who wears it to appear queenly.

The crown contains:

  • 14 carat gold weighing 220 grams. 
  • 33 pieces pure crystals that represents the skyline.
  • 198 pieces blue sapphire that contrasts the clear color of the crytstals that are 30 carats.
  • 5 pieces blue topaz worth 100 carats.
  • 311 pieces diamonds worth 11 carats. 
  • The overall weight of the crown is 411 grams or almost half a kilo. 

The design of the crown is the newest for the Miss Universe Organization. This is to show that the company supports modernization as it keep its design to be flexible with the changing path of modern society.

Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega

The crown first appeared in 2014 when Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega wore the crown after winning the pageant. Paulina Vega is the first woman to wear the crown. Miss Colombia Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez was the second woman who wore the crown. But when Steve Harvey wrongfully announced the winner, he reveals that Pia Wurtzbach is the real winner. Pia Wurtzbach is the third woman to wear the crown.

Miss Universe 2015 first runner-up Ariadna Gutierrez

Every year, Miss Universe holds its annual international beauty pageant. Contestants from all over the world participate in order to seek a spot to be recognized for this beauty pageant supremacy. Ladies from all over the world show off their talents, beauty, and chiselled body to show the world who deserves to be the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

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