Five months following the coronation of the last Miss Universe 2015, there are already some countries who already crowned their ladies to compete in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. Ladies were crowned earlier are expected to undergo a series of rigorous pageant training due to leveling competitiveness with the upcoming competition.

Most pageants enthusiasts are now hoping for a potential candidate that could proudly represent their respective candidates. Upcoming pageants reveal that local candidates are now preparing rigorously in order for them to gain fame, power, and offcourse, uplifting their socio-economic lifestyle. As a hopeful, candidates are now assuming for perfection. Each candidates have learned the hardships from the past winning candidates with regards to their training and socialization skills that were carefully crafted in order to have a bigger chance to get the license to represent their country to major international beauty pageants around the world.
Miss Universe winners
This is the first edition for predicting the early bird contestants who were just recently crowned and gained a license to represent their respective countries for the upcoming 65th annual Miss Universe pageant. The date and the place of the pageant are yet to be announced by the Miss Universe Organization. While waiting for the venue and the date, the ladies are now busy preparing themselves in order to fully prepare their body, mentality, emotions, and projections to become as competitive as possible.

It is estimated that there are now at least more than 25% of the total ladies who will be listing their countries to compete with the crown this year. As you can see, the following selected delegates are mostly from Latin America because they were always the region who are very competitive with the pageant each year. Few months from now, a new batch of delegates who will be already crowned to compete for the next year's pageants. The choices may change depending on the result of some national pageants around the world. Ladies who were earlier crowned can have the privilege to prepare longer as the pageant gets more and more competitive each year. Other countries are starting to form their own pageant institutions and trainers to improve their delegate's performance for every local and international pageant competitions.

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Miss Universe 2016 early predictions

Colombia (Andrea Tovar)

Miss Colombia Universe 2016 Andrea Tovar

Andrea is the second candidate of color who gained the license to compete for the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 crown. With her soft facial aura, she is considered one of the earliest favorite as can be observed with her performance from the national pageant. There is a big pressure on her because she was crowned by Ariadna Gutierrez, the first runner-up of last year's pageant. Her country also won its second Miss Universe crown by Paulina Vega. With her exotic beauty, she can definitely have a big chance to penetrate the semi-finalist spot.

Indonesia (Kezia Warouw)

Miss Indonesia Universe 2016 Kezia Warouw

The largest archipelago in the world is also starting to steam its performance to several international pageants due to their consecutive placements. Don't disregard the potential of this girl because she is now starting to prepare for the upcoming competition with loads of both local and international pageant mentors. One major factor for this woman is her towering height of 183 cm or six feet tall, making her as one of the tallest that could stand out than the rest of the girls in the pageant.

Mexico (Kristal Silva)

Miss Mexico Universe 2016 Kristal Silva

Kristal is already a veteran in the pageant industry. In 2013, she won the license to be chosen and represent her country in Miss Earth competition and placing as one of top 8 finalists. With this placement, she is now currently mastering other aspects of her pageant skills. She knows how to project in every angle to have a professionally taken shot. Never underestimate this woman as she can deliver an outstanding performance for 2016 Miss Universe pageant.

Malaysia (Kiran Jassal)

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal

Another exotic beauty is competing from the Southeast Asian nation, which is Malaysia. With a South Asian descent that runs through her blood, this makes her embody a unique feature that Malaysia has to offer to other delegates. With her almond-shaped eyes and tanned skin tone, she can definitely penetrate the semifinals spot because there are still few tanned ladies that are known to compete the upcoming pageant.

Puerto Rico (Kristhielee Caride)

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Miss Krishielee Caride

This promising lady just legally won its battle to represent the country after she was previously dethroned by the handlers of Nuestra Belleza Puerto Rico. Not only with her exonerating beautiful facial features, there is one noticeable feature that can be observed for this lady, which is her personality. She can use her personality as a top caliber asset in order to carry out a highly efficient socializing strategy to capture the hearts and the preferences of the judges as well as beauty pageant critics of the competition.

Venezuela (Mariam Habach)

Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach

Crowned last year, Mariam is definitely prepared. Although she made a controversial issue during her crowning moment, you can see that her performance was perfect, making her fit to represent Venezuela to compete for Miss Universe 2016. One thing that makes her stand out is her ability to do a chameleonic performance. She can transform into another person depending upon the shades that can be applied to her face. Her catwalk is perfect, her posture is well-defined, and her personality is also strong, making her a perfect fit for the crown.

Philippines (Maxine Medina)

Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina

When the second decade of the 21st century started, the Philippines maintained its position to be a bright spot in the field of pageantry. Maxime is the product of a beauty pageant school, which is taking another rigorous training to further boost her skills in every catwalk, improve her posture, promote her communication skills, and ability to empower her stage presence. She holds the greatest pressure because her predecessor is the current reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Nicaragua (Marina Jacoby)

Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016 Marina Jacoby

Ola Marina, with another beautiful candidate to join the circle of favorites in the most competitive pageant of the century. She can exude a classy appearance as she effortlessly displays her beauty as one of her powerful asset in the competition. Her face value makes her a standout in the pageant industry. She can deliver a promising performance to promote the sash of her country by penetrating the semifinal spot in the upcoming pageant.

Ecuador (Francesca Cipriani)

Miss Universe Ecuador 2016 Francesca Cipriani

With the failure of last year's delegate, Francesca is now going to revenge to place with the upcoming pageant later this year. She can easily transform her facial feature due to the power of make-up, which carries her professionalism in the pageant industry. Her face value is also one of the best in the competition because it represents her confidence and flashy aura to make a big chance to penetrate the top spot.

Russia (Yana Dobrovolskaya)

Miss Universe Russia 2016 Yana Dobrovolskaya

This time, Russia selected another potential candidate that can easily penetrate the semifinalist spot. As of May, she is one of the few contestants to exude an angelic face, which is an impressive asset for her to be easily noticed by pageant fanatics. This girl represents a classic blonde European beauty with a blonde hair and with a pair of blue eyes like a living barbie doll. Her angelic face makes her as a formidable slayer for other fierce candidates to make her higher chances of winning the crown.

  • Choices will be increased to top 15.
  • May change depending upon the new delegates to be joining this year.
  • Hope you enjoy learning about potential ladies to penetrate the semi-finalist spot. 
  • Thanks for reading.

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