This is what happens to the exterior of your car when there is an unwanted guest trapped. A swarm of bees suddenly appeared to be encircling the car of an old woman. As based from the snap of the video, the bees are swarming outside the car for several hours. Onlookers were shocked to see a rare occurrence at a car that is piled with numerous bees for several hours. Bystanders called bee-keeping rescue service to control the situation.

This is the case of an old woman who was just keeping her daily routine to shop, reach out with friends, pay bills, and accomplish legal matters. However, there are times when there are circumstances that can change our perceptions in life. The car from the picture is an example on how a situation becomes unexpected because we are always ensuring that every routine is just a normal actions that could always surprise us in any way.
Honey bees swarming a mitsubishi outlander
As seen from the photograph, there is at least 10,000 estimated number of honeybees that swarmed the car of the old woman. But their number seem to appear not that quite large enough to engulf the whole car. The honey bees were seen at the right side on the back of a silver-colored Mitsubishi Outlander vehicle. It seems that the bees were trying to uncover something that they cannot leave the vehicle alone. For some, this is one of the worst days in our lives because these bees can potentially harm any individual who will be attempting to make a close distance to their colony.

Bee-keeping service personnel revealed that the bees were swarming at the back of the car because their queen majesty was trapped inside the car. The bees were trying to find a hole in order to help rescue their queen that is why they are swarming the car for hours until they will liberate their queen majesty.

The car was parked in Haverfordwest, Western Wales on noon time of May 22, 2016. That was Sunday while the grandmother was busy shopping at that time. When she came back from the parking area, she was stunned by the buzzing sounds of bees covering her car.

The queen was believed to be trapped inside a cardboard box when it came inside the car.

Bystanders were scared to get near to the area where the vehicle is currently parked due to the risk of getting stung by the angry bees. Being stung by the bee is very painful because there it can penetrate the nerve endings in the skin that can trigger an allergic reaction. The scary part is that bees can cause a severe anaphylactic shock if the whole colony decides to simultaneously create numerous punctured wounds to all parts of your body.

Since the incident was caught by the media, they immediately inform the public not to indecently approach the area due to numerous health risks. Approaching a stressed organism may take the blame on you and you will be eventually at risk for your own safety.

The car was said to be owned by a 65-year-old grandmother. Her name is Carol Howarth, who became temporarily stressed as she witnessed her car swarming with thousands of bees.

Authorities who also responded to the area barricaded at a diameter of at least 50 meters surrounding the whole car that are packed with swarming bees. This is to prevent the bees to be attracted to any bystanders who will be approaching the area that could be at risk for being targetted from their anxiety while rescuing their queen.

Beekeepers must have to wear protective covering to their body to prevent themselves from being victimized by the angry bees. Several hours after they were intervening with the bee's attention to flee the queen, the swarm of bees gradually went back to their hive where they will continue their everyday routine as well as pampering their queen majesty.

This is a rare experience that bees are seen in an urban center because they are usually located along the gardens or areas where there are lesser animal or human inhabitants.

The scenario indicates that there are already several intrusions between the human population and the animal population due to the encroachment of humans to natural ecosystems where wild organisms thrive.

Honey bees are famous for their honey, which is derived from their saliva, a special component that makes up their homes. These animals are important to the natural environment because they are responsible for pollinating all kinds of flowering plants in order to bear seeds for reproduction purposes in any ecosystems.

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