The Malaysian authorities will provide compensation for the damages brought about its navies to the Filipino fishermen who were spotted in disputed seas. This was due to the inhuman practices such as physical assaults as well as verbal abuse that were made against the fishermen by the Malaysian Navy.

This is what happens when you are going to take a living in an area where there are current displacements as well as conflicts that are ongoing. These fishermen were not lucky enough to defend their rights as they are being held by a foreign authority who were also patrolling similar areas. The worst thing that can happen to you is when you are going to be physically and verbally abused by foreign authorities who made a mistake for considering you as a foreign criminal group who were trying to exploit their natural resources.
Malaysian Map and Navy fleet
After a thorough investigation proved that Filipino fishermen have legal documents, permitting them to fish in the disputed waters. The Filipino fishermen were indeed found to be fishing in an area that is within the vicinity of Philippine Economic Zone Authority, which does not violate Malaysian Maritime Laws. The amount was not disclosed to the public to preserve the privacy and security of the fishermen who were arrested by the authorities.

The Fishermen, Martin Datingginoo, Teody Baisa, Nelson Flamiano, and Arlon Sandro were fishing in the Rizal Reef, which is just a few miles from the island of Palawan when they were intercepted and confronted by the Malaysian Navies. They were being pointed with firearms, falsely identifying them as isolated pirates in the area who were exploiting natural resources. The four fishermen were confident that they are fishing within the permitted zone that is still under the Philippine jurisdiction.

The three of four fishermen approached the Malaysian Navy to prove that they are legally fishing within the coastal waters that is under the Philippine Economic Zone. However, they were arrested by the Navy where they experienced a series of horrific treatment.

They were restrained through handcuffs, similar with the treatment of criminal offenders. Some navies were physically assaulting them by punching and kicking them as they were in handcuffs.

Some member of the group cried foul over the maltreatment of the Malaysian Navy, falsely punishing them without causing any harm against the Malaysian government as well as with the crew members.

Martin's crew were eventually released back to the Rizal reef where they were handed to the patrolling Philippine Navy vessel.

The crew then seek for help by telling the Philippine authorities regarding the maltreatment of the Malaysian Navy against the Filipino fisherman.

The Philippine authorities filed a formal complaint against the involved members of the Malaysian Navy. After hours of investigation with the Malaysian side, they have proven that the Filipino fishermen's experience was inhumane and the perpetrators should be punished.

The Royal Malaysian Navy have criticised the behavior of its comrades for abusing fishermen who were fishing in disputed waters. Involved navies were then apprehended due to unacceptable behavior for the abuse of power while on duty.

The Rizal Reef is within the jurisdiction of the disputed waters in the South China Sea, in which several islands are claimed by China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

China claims at least 90% of the South China Sea.

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