In Baguio City, Philippines, there were several houses that were seen being engulfed in flames. Onlookers were terrified as they see some houses that were slowly taken away by the burning flames. The fire during that time got bigger and bigger as residents in the area as well as witnesses were anxiously watching the brightly colored flames engulfing homes and nearby structures. This is a very unfortunate situation wherein a home is pulverized with raging flames, which could change a homeowner's life forever after the incident.

A terrifying scene was caught by several bystanders as they were shocked to see several houses that were already in flames. Onlookers stood up and watch the horror as several homes were continuously ravaged by the hellish flames, slowly penetrating a certain community in Engineer's Hill village. People were seen panicking across the area as they help the firefighters by splashing a pail filled with water to help contain the flames that are already destroying some of their neighbor's homes.
A live fire caught in Baguio City, Philippines
The photo was taken from SM Baguio. The fire is believed to broke out within the residential compound of Engineer's Hill area just beside the DILG compound. The scene quickly attracted several shoppers in the area to witness the flame of horror as it takes down several homes and structures in the area. Notice in the picture that there were already some people near the area of the incident trying to control the flame, but the fire is already too large enough to prevent them from containing it.

There were at least 26 homes incinerated while 44 families were affected by the incident.

The photo was taken on May 28, 2016. The fire was believed to have started between 12 noon and was controlled at least two hours later.

Notice that one home at the center of the photo was slowly being torn apart as flames is now completely engulfing it. But it was reported that there are at least three homes were affected by the blaze. Nearby homes and structures were also being threatened by the growing flame.

Obviously, residents and occupants of homes and structures beside the burning house were quick to get away from the hazard zone to prevent themselves being caught from the flames.

A video was also taken after taking some shots towards the scene of the incident. Witnesses expressed their fearful reaction towards the area as they are concerned about the security or safety of people in the area who were at risk of injuries or accidents.

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During that time, the weather was just partly cloudy with isolated rain showers and thunderstorms. Rain did not fell from the sky, paving way from the fire to

After minutes of agonizing horror, The Baguio City Fire Department were quick to respond to the scene as it is located just near the Central Business District that is only a few meters away from the vicinity of SM Baguio.

Local government authorities along with Baguio City's fire department are now conducting a thorough investigation regarding the cause of the incident.

Investigators are still examining the extent of damages incurred by the blaze in the area, which can be estimated at around more than one million pesos or 20,000 USD.

Even if PAGASA (Philippine Astronomical Geographical Atmospheric Services Administration) declared that country is now officially on a rainy season, there are still isolated fire incidents reported from various areas of the city.

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