When you see her face, you would not notice something in her because you are just focused on looking at a person with an angelic face. This person may not seem what she is because there is a surprising information that can surprise you in any way. She has something precious that she can use it as part of her pride to become a role model to other individuals. Do not always be deceived by the looks of a person because judging a cover will let your ignorance torn your impression towards other individuals.

She is charming, she is flawlessly beautiful. Did you know that this lady is one of the most sought personalities under the defense force in the Philippines? She is considered as the future bodyguard for the incoming and president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. This woman does not only exudes charismatic power using her beauty, she can also drive the elite forces by maintaining her professionalism as a person of interest to maintain safety and security for the president.
Police Inspector Sofia Deliu
Meet beautiful cop Sofia: Sofia Loren Deliu is the darling among the thorns that represents the security forces of the Philippines. Yes, she is a licensed police officer and officially known as Police Inspector Sofia Deliu. She currently works in Baguio City Police Office where she applies her professionalism by ensuring the security of the City where she currently lives.

Baguio City is situated in the rugged Cordillera terrain in the northern part of the Luzon island in the Philippines. The city is considered the summer capital of the Philippine due to its cool weather attributed by its high altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level.

As the country braces for a new administration, incoming president is now busy establishing his group of elite cabinet members, security forces, financial advisers, and multi-complex economic and social teams. Sofia Deliu has just become lucky to be a part of the team where she will be concentrating on protecting the most powerful man in the Philippines

She is charming, she possesses a magnetic charm, but she is a police officer in the Philippines. This is a rare circumstance for a former beauty pageant contestant to join the elite forces to defend the security of their society.

Charming Sofia Deliu

Sofia is now selected as one of the members of the presumptive and incoming President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the presidential security team. She is expected to be serving as one of the security shields to protect the welfare and security of President Rodrigo of the Republic of the Philippines as well as the first family of the country.

Sofia's career as a police officer was achieved as a secondary profession when she entered the Philippine National Police Academy in 2006. She previously finished Tourism course prior to being a policewoman.

They are composed of at least 50 members, who will be interchangeably working together to ensure that there will be lesser or at least no threats of harm that will be implicated for the president. Sofia is expected to serve at least six years until the term of the president ends on June 30, 2022.

Sofia Deliu was admired by everyone who meets her due to her unique facial features. She was then invited to join several pageants, which she agreed to take part of it as an experience to her long and winding career.

Beauty pageant contestant Sofia Deliu

Her first major local pageant was joining Miss Teen Philippines in 2006 held in Manila. She also participated in Miss Baguio 2008 in Baguio City.

Sofia Deliu worked as a model, participating in several photo shoots and runway shows to several events around the country when she was young.

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