Jaclyn Jose, a Filipina actress won as the best actress during the annual Cannes Film Festival that was held in Cannes, France on May 11 to 22, 2016. She was chosen due to her natural acting skills with a veteran experience in various entertainment segments. She is the first ever actress from Southeast Asia to win one of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry.

Many international celebrities were amazed by her accomplishment because it is a rare for a person to receive such an award. Being an internationally recognized artists from an international event makes your career to become more recognizable due to the skill that can make inspirational accomplishments to the entertainment industry. Her accomplishments can further generate motivation for young and local artists to never stop hoping and believing with their talents.
Filipina actress Jaclyn Jose, best actress of the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival
During the awards night, Jaclyn Jose was just having a good time along with other actors and film staff as they attend the awards night. When the director of the event announced her name on stage, everyone was surprised and became happy about the announcement of the winner. Jaclyn Jose was shocked as she was called as the best actress, knowing that she did not expect that she was the chosen actress among international artists who were also present during the awards night.

Jaclyn Jose approached on stage, together with her daughter, Andi Eigenmann and the director of Mr' Rosa, Brillante Mendoza. The teary eyed-actress was speechless as she did not really prepared for a speech because she was very surprised to be the chosen one for the award. As she made a mark with her memorable speech on stage, she wants to dedicate her award to her countrymen for finally addressing Filipino talents as an unexplored and underrated artists in the world. While addressing her heart-warming declamation on stage, she generated an emotional reaction to the audiences for being a good example to other actresses to always dream big and work hard in order to be recognized internationally.

Jaclyn Jose's award was attributed from her naturally acting role from the movie Ma' Rosa. This is a film that presents about a woman who forced to sell prohibited substances because she only wants to sustain her family's basic needs. Rosa, acted by Jaclyn eventually fell prey corrupt
police, exploiting her dignity and humanity.

As the first woman to win the prestigious event, she reiterated that she will pursue more of her acting career in order to explore more angles of her career. She wants to take her achievements as an inspiration to other aspiring actresses so that they can reach similar goals what Jaclyn had attained as one of the most respected artists in the entertainment industry.

Jaclyn Jose's real name is Mary Jane Santa Ana Guck started acting at the age of 21 in 1985. She initially casts in several daring roles in the entertainment industry. When she started being paired with some of the big stars, her natural acting roles made her noticed by some directors wherein they started inviting her to several major roles until she became a star in the Philippine entertainment industry.

At first, she was a reluctant actress because she believes that it is already enough for their family that her sister could pursue a career in showbusiness. However, due to numerous director's demand to cast her in several past roles, she eventually learned to embrace a new life in the entertainment industry as a local actress and now an internationally decorated actress.

Jaclyn was born in Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines. She is of Filipino and American-German descent.

Prior to winning the most prestigious award, the group of Jaclyn Jose has been initially under the radar of fashion gurus. Her daughter's fashion statement made it to some of the best-dressed attendees during the Cannes international Film Festival due to her white, blue, and pink dresses that accentuate her skin tone and the color of her skin.

Another member of her group, Maria Isabela Lopes, made another positive remark from several local and fashion gurus around the world. While walking on the red carpet, she consistently flaunts and slashed her flashy emerald green gown made by Alberto Andrada who also designed the dress of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. What made her further stand out is how she emphasized her body physique, her poise, and formality during the gala event.

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