From beauty pageants to studies, most of us utilize intelligence quotient because it is our passport to become productive. These are some of the most important activities that can provide opportunities for us to become successful. We always thought of becoming successful in everything that we accomplish because it aims to improve our activities of daily living as well as promoting interesting insights to improve our skill and knowledge towards a certain activity.

We always need the capacity to use our talents so that we can be able to plan our goals and aspirations to become successful. As a person of interest, talents are important, but we should always allocate it into a more important aspect that should further improve our talent and skill in order to become a role model to others. Intellectual capacity represents our ability to organize everything that could ensure that our decisions are carefully analyzed and formatted before it will be executed on a regular basis. This can be either personal, or professional for as long as we endure to keep our personal issues accountable for our actions in life.
Intelligence is always referred as the capacity of a person's ability to rationalize by using their abstract and logical thought process. Through intelligence, a person can gain self-awareness, initiates communication, always learns, enhances their emotional integrity, and often involved in problem-solving activities. A person usually plans ahead of time so that activities are carefully detailed before it will be executed. Before there is something to be accomplished, a draft is created so that there is a chronological thought process that can be applied.

Every day, we always have to think about something that will make us productive. Little that we know that when we think, we are already using our brain because it helps us accomplish our activities of daily living. Most of us overthink about the need to survive because this is a more important thing to consider, rather than thinking about something that is not related to how we are able to survive. One example is when we go to work, we always consider the rules and regulations to be followed such as accomplishing our designated tasks and respecting the laws of our employment or business.

 Interesting facts why intelligence is important to our health

1. It creates a plan

Planning ahead of time is an important consideration in order to ensure that we can enable activities to be executed efficiently and accurately. This involves carrying instructions effectively so that there is an understandable flow of information that can be followed. One example is when you formulate several issues to be done is an example how you are going to organize your thoughts and activities to be efficient as well as relatable with your visions.

2. Gains self-confidence

In beauty pageants, we often see ladies that has a strong self-confidence usually wins the competition because they are always prepared for any circumstances that may happen to their pageant standing by answering the correct question. Confidence allows each candidate to answer the question very well and in an eloquent manner so that they can always gain the trust of the judges as well as with the audiences. Self-confidence is the best reason to employ proper intellectual standards to accomplish plans and actions very well.

3. Makes you look good

Intellect represents class and modesty. As you can see, elite members of the society are always concerned with how they appear to others. If a person is always considering their charm and physical appearance towards others, this means that they are always rationalizing about their image so that they can establish an impression where others could identify them as a symbol of elegance. Beauty queens, business moguls, community leaders, and head of companies possesses this particular character.

4. Concerns health risks

People who always mind about their health can get rid away from anxiety and depression. An intelligent person shows frequent consciousness about their health and lifestyle. They often engage in activities that require highly physical routines in order to maintain their health. People who are engaged in exercises, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding unhealthy foods are those who are rationalizing their health's future goals. Being aware in your lifestyle is the key knowing all potential health risks and threats.

5. Accomplish goals on time

Time management represents a rational thought that allows a person to consider each time valuable with their routine. Managing tasks on designated time generate more productive tasks that can still be attained during free time. Accomplishing goals at an earlier time can accomplish more visions, which can make you more productive and surprises your colleague for being a fast-forward person because you are able to manage your skill and tasks at the right time.

6. Regularly attains success

Intelligence is important because it regularly attains success. This can be done whenever you are going to use your rational thought in order to gain a reasonable value to ensure that your productivity becomes efficient. Highly accomplished personalities such as businessman, public leaders, managers, and beauty title holders always use their best perception so that they attain a successful vision that can transform their lifestyle in the future.

7. Easily alerted to threats

If you are a successful leader, you are always ensuring that what you have accomplished will not be just wasted in just a glimpse of an eye. This is when you apply your expertise in handling all possible threats to secure your accomplishments from any dangerous threats. When walking along the street, you seem to bring your self-defense toolkits so that whenever you are confronted with an unexpected safety hazard, you will always know how to defend yourself.

8. Accepts mistakes

An intellectual person always makes adjustments to any failures being encountered. This means that they are always open to change in order to replace what have been the cause of the problem. Being adjustable is the key to creates a more efficient plan and a task that could bring a greater benefit towards a person or a group that encourages improvement and growth. This results in becoming more efficient, trustable, and believable.

9. Competes with own self

Looking yourself as your biggest competitor is the most valuable intellectual image that can be boasted to other individuals. Being observant for what you have accomplished can be changed into a better action in the future. An intellectual person does not see others as a competitor because they fear that their standards can degrade the actual value and vision to cause failures of fulfilling tasks in the future.

10. Becomes a leader

Intelligence is important to your health because it can improve your worth as a successful leader by allowing others to improve. A leader is all about a role model to help other people to improve, rather than competing against them. Sharing similar thoughts and interests as a successful person values the hardships and sacrifices being applied by other individuals as a measure to let them follow what you have accomplished from the past.

Tips to improve intelligence

  • Always read books, newspapers, journals, and online media.
  • Relax your brain from time to time such as going to a spa or traveling.
  • Be always conversant with others. 
  • Try to enhance your analysis.
  • Accept mistakes to become more versatile in the future.
  • Take nutritional supplements on a regular basis.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Exercise daily and eat healthy foods. 
  • Prevent getting involved in arguments to avoid stress. 
  • Never apply greediness. 
  • Always say thank you for all blessings. 

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