Atom Araullo resigns from ABS-CBN reportorial service. It was a shocking decision that fans were shocked about his decision to make a step back from his reportorial services. His decision made raunchy reactions from the netizens, creating a viral issue over the internet. Fans and avid followers of Atom Araullo were mystified how he made an abrupt decision to degrade his professional achievement while he was on the right track as one of the most promising reporters in Philippine broadcasting.

As the most anticipated news reporters of ABS-CBN, his decision to move a step back as a reporter was made on August 27, 2016. The public has had mixed reactions about his sudden resignation from the reporting team of his mother network. On the positive side, Araullo is still young and there are several issues contemplating his professional career to blossom in different ways aside from being publicly seen in the mainstream. But on the other hand, people view it as a perfect time for Atom to take more time for himself because he needs to have more time concentrating on his needs such as health, environment, family, and other personal issues.
Atom Araullo as a TV field reporter
Atom Araullo's complete name is Alfonso Tomas Pagaduan Araullo. He is a Filipino commercial icon, a triathlete, and a member of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs team. He is often seen reporting a variety of current events in several telecasted programs such as TV Patrol, ANC, and Balita. He was born on October 19, 1982, in Quezon City, Philippines and he is now 33.

He rose to fame when he was regularly seen as a TV reporter in news and current affairs programs of ABS-CBN channels. Not only as a Television reporter, Atom was also seen hosting several events such as sports programs, pageants, and formal events. His communication skills are astoundingly brilliant that he won the hearts of the public for working professionally with a heart. He is seen as an inspiration to young aspirants who wants to become future news reporters in both local and international television networks.

However, we may no longer see Atom due to his decision to resign as a TV reporter. This means that he will start working off the camera every time he goes to work. According to the statement of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head, he may no longer work as a news reporter but he can still be working as an on-camera talent for ABS-CBN. However, you can still see him as an anchor of Umagang Kay Ganda and Red Alert. The public is urged to respect Atom Araullo's decision to protect and preserve his dignity and privacy.

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5 Reasonable facts why Atom Araullo resigned

1. Strong statements towards the Duterte Administration: Atom Araullo chose to lose his job rather than to be labeled by the public as bias. This was based on his strong statements surrounding the controversial burial of the late president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Atom lamented another issue with regards to the crackdown against the users, manufacturers, and traders on illegal substance as part of Duterte's campaign to restore peace and prosperity across the Philippine archipelago.

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2. Privacy breach: Atom is aware that Duterte administration generated a sea of supporters and followers. The overwhelming support of President Rodrigo Duterte could spark waves of having a negative impression towards him if he opted to remain as a field reporter. His privacy could definitely breach by aggressive supporters of Duterte administrators who could take chances against Atom's private life such as trying to breach his personal social media accounts in order to exploit his personal information.

3. The threat to safety: Never underestimate the supporters of Duterte administration because his strong statements could generate overwhelming emotions. If a supporter pledged loyalty, they are willing to take anything just to protect the image of a person who they admire and follow, even if this may lead them committing an act that would cause a threat to safety. Since Atom is a field reporter, he can be easily spotted in the public and then take any advantage against him by an irate supporter.

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4. To seek for future endeavor: Atom Araullo is already 33-years-old. But he still considerably young where he seeks to take an alternative step that would further boost his career not only in the field of television reporting. Although he still remains to be an on-camera talent of ABS-CBN, he still wants to take other opportunities in life that would make him flourish as a public personality in the different field of professionalism.

5. Maintains good riddance to the public: Atom greatly considers all opinions from the public because it is one of the most efficient ways to determine if you are working efficiently and accurately. Feedback is one of the key elements of improvement that you must have to consider in order for your personal and professional affairs flourish. As a transparent person, this means that you are always taking all possibilities that are generated by feedbacks so that you will learn and improve your knowledge and skills.

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So What do you think about Atom's sudden resignation?

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