On August 22, 2016, September Paz, a nurse working in Saint Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City was killed in an apparent burglary from his apartment. Paz was sleeping when she heard that there was a suspicious movement that has been rattling her own place during the night. The sleeping nurse became uncomfortable with the locomotion that has been disturbing her sleep inside her apartment. So she decided to check on it and then possibly contain it to prevent her from being disturbed from her sleep at her own place.

Upon checking, she was shocked to find out that there was someone who was trying to steal her things inside her home. Out of shock, she immediately cried for help in order to seek for attention to nearby apartments by screaming. However, the burglar was quick enough to shut September from creating any noise that would potentially attract attention to other dwellers from the nearest apartments and buildings. The burglar prevented nurse September reach out her neighbors. This is because she was already physically overpowered by the burglar inside her place.
September Paz, a nurse in St. Lukes Medical Center was murdered by Jeffrey Guarin who just surrendered to the authorities
But the horror was yet to come. As she was already overpowered by the burglar, which is a stranger who was trying to steal her belongings, the suspect made another decisive act. He began to stab September's body multiple times until she succumbed to her death due to complications of a severe bleeding. The suspect ran away from the crime scene after performing a horrific act that he will never forget.

Quezon City Police District personnel soon arrived on the scene and declared the victim dead as her body is lying on the floor covered in blood. A necrological service was performed to the body of the victim and then brought to the crime laboratory for an autopsy. Police personnel secured the area for further investigation to collect essential information that will help solve September's brutal case inside her apartment. After the autopsy, it was found out that September had 19 stab wounds all over her body.

The family and relatives of September Paz were informed about the shocking fate of the young woman by the police. In Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, the immediate family of September cries for justice for the death of their family member under the hands of a brutal suspect. Several members of the family went to Quezon City to coordinate with the authorities and to retrieve the body of September from the crime laboratory.

Saint Lukes Metical Center was shocked to know that one of their personnel had been brutally murdered. What struck the staff was that the incident happened inside the apartment of their staff while she was sleeping in preparation for her hospital duty the next day.

On August 24, 2016, authorities announced that the suspect is now under their custody. The suspect was identified as Jeffrey Guarin, a 22-year-old male suspect responsible for the death of September Paz. Jeffrey voluntarily surrendered to the barangay hall that was later surrendered to the police authorities.

During the time of the incident, Jeffrey was under the influence of alcohol. He attended a drinking spree together with his peers. Out of intoxication, he then tripped September's property by entering her apartment and began stealing her personal items. Guarin immediately neutralized September when she was awakened by his noisy activity inside her apartment.

Upon investigation, Jeffrey Guarin tested positive for using an illegal substance. Mandatory drug testing is applied for all suspects who were involved in a grave criminal activity that was part of Duterte's war against the possession, manufacturing, and trading of illegal substances.

Guarin is also suspected for being under the influence of illegal substances when he carried out a grave misconduct against September Paz.

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