Mayor Rodrigo is now unstoppable, especially with regards to his war against the possession and distribution of illegal substances. He indicated that he will not stop until the Philippines becomes drug-free during his reign. Duterte believes that circulation of illegal substances across the country is responsible for provoking criminalities. Eradicating the use and distribution of all illegal substances could generate peace and prosperity across the society.

When the president announced several public officials, there were some who was already tagged as a critical personality that should immediately surrender. The name of Albuerta, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa was one of them, tagged by the president who was responsible for generating the illegal use, manufacturing, and trade of substances that are potentially hazardous to the society. Mayor Espinosa is believed to be one of the public officials linked with several syndicates operating in Eastern Visayas region.
Albuerta, Leyte Mayor Roland Espinosa and son Rolan Kerwin Espinosa
Rolando Espinosa surrendered to Philippine National Police Chief Ronaldo Dela Rosa On August 2, 2016. This was just a few hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his name linked with narco-politics operating in Eastern Visayas region. Rolando surfaced in mainstream media as part of his sincerity to surrender and clear his name to the public.

Mayor Rolando Espinosa also asked his son Kerwin Espinosa to surrender after he was also mentioned by the members of the PNP under their watch list of persons linked by traders of illegal substances. Mayor Rolando's son was given 24 hours to surrender or face the consequence that he might encounter the force of the authorities. However, Kerwin did not surrender to the police and was still at large until today. Mayor Rolando Espinosa was then ordered to vacate the White House in Camp Crame and then confined himself in a hospital in Cebu.

Kerwin Espinosa reportedly departed to a foreign land last month. The younger Espinosa seems to be aware that he will be the next target due to his aggressive trading of illegal substances in Eastern Visayas region. He is now hunted by the Philippine National Police through the coordination of Interpol responsible for hunting Kerwin to foreign territories.

It was reported that Mayor Rolando Espinosa had a very luxurious lifestyle. He managed to acquire luxurious types of vehicles, boats, and several luxury items that are worth tens of millions. The financial amount of his properties obviously does not tally with his statement of assets and liabilities because most luxury items were invested from an illegal trade of prohibited substances.

Espinosa's house was ordered by the authorities to conduct a search and rescue operations. They fought several members of Espinosa's alleged private army protecting his home from the authorities as well as rival gang and syndicates. Several members of the armed group were killed and then injured on the scene.

Authorities were then shocked to find out numerous firearms in the area where some were high-powered armories. Several illegal substance paraphernalia were recovered from the scene including several types of prohibited substances that are used for trade.

Mayor Espinosa is now under the custody of Albuerta District office. Rolando stated that he had been receiving death threats from anonymous sources. He fears that coming home is the most dangerous thing that he could do because he is the next target of syndicates to be neutralized. Mayor eventually turned Albuerta Police Station as a temporary place for him to stay.

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