On May 9, 2016, the Philippines changed its political profile permanently by electing another new administration. This time, it is now under the management of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who is by far, the most influential president of all time. He has been known as one of the best leaders in his hometown, Davao City, which he was a Mayor before he was elected as the president. In just a few months, there were changes that had already been observed in the Philippines due to the efficiency of Duterte's public service.

In the shadow of Duterte's presidency, there is another one prominent figure that is now creating a breakthrough in the field of Philippine public security. The person is no other than Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa. He made a significant transformation in the history of Philippine National Police by turning negative impression against the police into an optimistic figure for securing public safety. For this reason, people started to love Bato Dela Rosa due to his intensification of police visibility across the country.
PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa on the left as appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte on the right
Ronald Dela Rosa was not questioned when he was appointed as the new Philippine National Police Chief. He accelerated his position from being a one-star general to a four-star general. It is not clear if there will be a new executive order that will extend Dela Rosa's position, due to an existing law that a PNP Chief should only stay for at least six months.

Just a few months after Dela Rosa has been appointed, he received numerous praises from the citizens of the Philippines. Even foreigners applauded the sincerity of the Philippine government to reduce criminal activities as soon as they can. It is believed that the Philippines can further accelerate its economic growth and can maximize its flourishing tourism industry if law and order are properly implemented by the government. As the head of Philippine National Police, Dela Rosa is dedicating his career and life to serve and protect the country from all negative elements of the law.

It is said that the tandem between Rodrigo Duterte and PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa is the perfect combination. These two leaders made significant agreements and similarities wherein they can work together in order to make the Philippines a better nation. Through their efforts by creating a perfect tandem, the duo are now easily gaining appreciation from other leaders and personalities. In the future, their efforts might attract numerous local and international awarding bodies to consider them as recipients for certain awards due to their trusted and proficient public service.

10 interesting reasons why people love Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa

1. Crime-buster police: As a member of the Philippine National Police, Ronald Dela Rosa is always dedicating his career to keep the Philippines a crimeless society. All criminalities will be neutralized to prevent any threat of harm and intimidation against all negative elements of the society. Dela Rosa is always advocating his profession to keep the Philippines free from any criminal activities while he reigns as the current PNP Chief.

2. War on illegal substances: Dela Rosa is teaming up with President Rodrigo Duterte Busting illegal use and trading of illegal substances across the country. PNP Chief Dela Rosa and President Rodrigo Duterte believes that illegal substance possession, distribution, and sales are responsible for fueling criminalities across the country. When they have successfully neutralized those responsible for the distribution and trading of these illegal substances, the Philippines becomes safer and secured.

3. Has already proved his public service in Davao: PNP Chief Dela Rosa already had past records to show that he is an efficient leader of the police force. This can be determined when he was assigned to secure Davao City's public safety. Although you cannot force all negative elements of the law from happening, Davao City has been one of the best places in the Philippines where people can freely roam at night without being at risk of being harmed.

4. Perfect tandem with President Rodrigo Duterte: People love Rodrigo Duterte, who was the Mayor of Davao City, accomplishing numerous successful public service laws, rehabilitation, and developing Davao City. Bato made a perfect combination with regards to being parallel with Duterte's ideologies to the public. As the head of PNP, he has been known to be the partner of Duterte for busting criminal activities and possession or the use of illegal substances.

5.  Not a corrupt official: Dedication over bribe is an indicative sign that a public official is always advocating a corrupt-free society. Dela Rosa is very vocal that there was and currently numerous bribery attempts in order to protect their illegal activities. However, Dela Rosa's ideology is very heartwarming due to his dedication to his work over temptation. He is not willing to accept bribes because he wants to change the image of PNP that has been tarnished by corruption allegations.

6. Brave public official: One thing about PNP Chief Dela Rosa is that he is very fearless for fighting criminals. As an official, he is aware that being a police chief needs an intense bravery to neutralize all sorts of negative elements of the law. Even if there are threats to his life and security, PNP Chief is ready to fight for his country's peace and order against all sorts of negative elements responsible for restricting prosperity.

7. Down to Earth public official: One of the best qualities that every leader must have to be proud of is for being a down-to-Earth person. We observe that PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa has been approachable to any queries made by normal citizens who wants to interact with him. With all his smiles and warm-hearted official, he is often being seen surrounded by random individuals who wants to take selfies along with the PNP chief without any hesitation.

8. Transparent PNP Chief: As the newly appointed PNP chief, being transparent is one of the main reasons why Dela Rosa is loved not only by the citizens of the Philippines but also from other public officials. He always ensures that every convicted public official should undergo due process. This is a basic right for every accused individual to waive their rights in order to obtain equality and equity from the law.

9. Physically fit PNP Chief: It is important that a leader should possess an influential characteristic to their subordinates. As you can see, PNP Chief Dela Rosa is a fit public official. His physical appearance personifies the aging population to still maintain an active healthy lifestyle. It is rare for a senior leader to look very fit, which shows that he is really serious about being a leader to his community as the head of PNP.

10. Neutralizes corrupt members of the PNP: As the chief of PNP, Dela Rosa has always been eradicating any signs of negativity in the police force. His leadership has been responsible for decreasing officials who takes advantage of their position to satisfy their self-greed. Dela Rosa revealed several PNP officials who were tagged with local and foreign syndicates as a protector of several illegal activities across the country.

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