Each day, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach posts photos and videos to keep timely updates to her fans. Updates are important so that fans and supporters of reigning queen of the universe will know how Pia is doing every day. During her spare time, she make an effort to do a live video to allow followers to see her. Whenever she sets her camera live, she never stops greeting her fans. In addition, Pia continues to extend her gratitude for all the support from her fans and will continue to try her best to constantly leave updates on her activities as reigning Miss Universe.

But did you notice something? Pia really loves Jollibee. You can see her natural passion for advocating Jollibee as an important part of her life. It is believed that one of the most stress reliever from a very exhausting day when she dines in Jollibee. Every time she visits this establishment, she never forget to take a picture to the mascots, establishments, and some of her favorite items served from the establishment. Pia posts some of these images in her social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Pia Wurtzbach with Jollibee
As you know, Jollibee is a fast food brand in the Philippines, which is the largest operating fast food chains in Asia. It is a Filipino-made brand, which allow anyone to take a chance experiencing the taste of Pinoy recipes that are prepared and served in this fast food chain. For every Filipino, going to Jollibee is an important event that they should always treasure.

Pia Wurtzbach rose to her ultimate fame when she won the 64th edition of Miss Universe in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. She is the third woman from the Philippines to win the title in 2015. Wurtzbach win went through a rough start as she attempted three times to gain the license to represent her country. But then, her perseverance, passion, and never-ending dream to become a beauty queen paid off on the night of December 21, 2015.

Before winning, Pia Wurtzbach was initially announced as the 1st runner-up. However, the host of the pageant, Steve Harvey, made a wrong announcement as he read and verbalized the wrong winner in front of billions of audience around the world. Pia was then announced as the real winner of the pageant. But after the pageant, controversies began when the 1st runner-up from Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez was deeply hurt by the wrong announcement. Pia moved on with the crowning scandal of Miss Universe 2015 and started fulfilling her responsibility as the most beautiful woman in the universe for the whole year of 2015.

These are 5 facts why Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach loves Jollibee

1. Serves Filipino food: Pia Wurtzbach was born and raised in the Philippines. She grew up in a Filipino culture that has a distinct cuisine from other countries that is different from other nationalities. There are several flavors served by Jollibee that allow any nationality to experience Pinoy cuisine. Examples are the Bistek Tagalog (Filipino style beef steak), morning breakfast meals, palabok, and shanghai.

2. Let her reminisce the past: What special about Jollibee for Pia Wurtzbach is that there is something about the food that makes her remember her past. Whenever she dines at Jollibee, she always remembers her childhood, which makes her miss something about her past life. She believes that her achievements at the present were built up from the hardships that she made when she was at a young age.

3. All foods from Jollibee are all delicious: Aside from representing the Filipino culture, the taste of each food being prepared and served to the public that is why Pia loves it. Secret recipes from a variety of food products being prepared are different from other chains of restaurant chains in your community. This is because all available foods have a variety of sweet, sour, slightly salty, and tasty foods that could make your mouth wet.

4. Proud global food chain: As she won as Miss Universe 2015, Pia is also happy that Jollibee foods corporation is also making a global hit around the world. The food chain slowly invades international grounds, introducing Filipino culture around the world. This is to show the world how Filipinos prepare and serve their dishes, which shares new insight how the Philippines prepares and consumes their food.

5. Allow overseas Filipinos to feel closer to home: Pia is considered as an overseas Filipino worker as she is currently fulfilling her dreams as a Miss Universe queen for a year until a new queen will be crowned next year. This is why Pia feels closer to home whenever she dines at Jollibee because she feels like she is in the Philippines, especially when eating her favorite food varieties in this particular food establishment.

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