Searching for a pearl? This is definitely more fun in the Philippines. The massive pearl was found by a fisherman off-the-coast of Palawan 10 years ago, which was sometime in 2006. The pearl is now considered as the latest attraction in Palawan that hopes to generate more tourist to see the beauty of nature. Out of fear, the fisherman who caught the pearl did not know the real worth of the pearl. He decided to keep it under his pillows for at least 10 years.

The pearl is considered as the largest of its kind in history. However, the shape is irregular, but you can see that it is shining brightly, especially when it will be flashed by any light source directly towards the pear. The large pearl is measured 12 x 24 inch or 30 x 60 centimeter, which could enter the Guinness Book of records for the largest pearl in the world. The estimated value of the pearl is at least $100 million. Nothing like this size was ever found elsewhere in the world. This is by far much more different from other pearls that are usually pea-sized that are mostly circular-shaped.
The largest pearl ever caught in Palawan, Philippines
The pearl weighs 34 kilograms or equivalent to 74 pounds. This is also the heaviest pearl being caught by a fisherman that could set another record. The weight can be similar to that of a young child. This will be hard for the thieves to steal the pearl due to its massive size and weight, preventing them not to run away fast because it could give them a hard time by exhausting them when they will carry the pearl.

Sometime in 2006, the fisherman was traversing the waters off-the-coast of western Palawan as part of his routine to harvest any fish to sustain his basic needs. The boat's anchor snatch a large clam, causing the boat to slow its speed due to its weight. The man attempted to retrieve the giant clam that will be placed in the boat, but he realized that it was very heavy. Upon checking the giant clam, it was revealed that it is also carrying an unusual pearl inside it, which makes it very heavy.

The fisherman decided to keep the giant pearl that was taken out from the giant clam. He hid it inside a hollow wooden box. It is believed that giant pearls bring good luck charm to anyone who owns it. The man then hid the giant pearl below his pillow, believing that it would bring a possible luck to his life. As the man was not oriented about the value of trading any luxurious items such as the pearl, he regarded the giant pearl as part of his everyday charm. One day, he was advised that he can make a big investment if he will be trading the giant pearl. But then, he decided to hand over the pearl to the authorities.

The nephew of the fisherman took the object under his permission and then moved it to his new address. The boy then asked her aunt, Cynthia Amurao to hide it for the nephew's sake. When Cynthia saw the object, she was astounded by the size of the pearl. She then advised the boy to seek for an appraisal for the pearl because they might not know that it can be worth a very large amount of money.

Cynthia Amurao is an officer of the City Tourism Office in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The large pearl is now being displayed in the Puerto Princesa City Hall in the lobby. The gem is enclosed in a glass, which is placed above a wooden structure to stabilize the posture of the pearl to the public.

Puerto Princesa City is hoping that a gemologist would visit Palawan sometime in the future to measure the real value of the pearl. The true value of the pearl will definitely change the fisherman's life forever. However, greed and envy is the fisherman's main problem as he will be expecting extortionists and con-artists that will pull his fortune.

The Philippines is also known for its abundance of pearls that can be found across the seas. The country has been regarded by foreign nationals as the "Pearl of the orient seas". Ancient traders from China, malay peninsulas, and Indonesia archipelago were aware that the Philippine archipelago is the best place to search for pearls.

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