Highway Patrol Group (HPG) Police Officer 3 Jeremiah De Villa jumped off from the 3rd floor of Philippine National Police Security and Protection Group headquarters located in Camp Crame. The Policeman eventually succumbed to his injuries and was declared dead at around 9:45 in the morning on Saturday, August 27, 2016. The policeman did not show any signs that he would commit such as grave decision as a way to temporarily get away from the reality. This is a sad fate for every person who had been suffering from several ungrateful consequences that affected their personal and professional career.

Police Officer Jeremiah De Villa was one of the two suspects who were involved in the killing of motorcyclist John Dela Riarte. De Villa was under the custody of Philippine National Police in Camp Crame while awaiting a trial as well as administrative charges. PO3 De Villa was placed under a restrictive custody under PBP Highway Patrol Group's headquarters. Officials and other police officers monitoring PO3 De Villa were shocked to find out his unexpected decision to exempt himself from a pending case by just jumping off from a building.
PO 3 Jeremiah De Villa was declared dead at PNP Hospital at 9:45 AM in an apparent suicide
The other who was under restrictive supervision is Police Officer 2 Jonjie Manon-og that was also accused due to committing a grave misconduct against John Dela Riarte. PO2 Manon-og will now face the charges alone since De Villa is no longer around to be with him during trials to their cases. De Villa's case will now escalate the pressure towards Manon-og to face charges by the PNP and the victim alone.

De Villa and Manon-og was tagged in the killing of motorcycle incident when Dela Riarte attempted to snatch their firearms and use it against them. Both police officers indicated that the motorcyclist previously attempted to steal their firearms. Dela Riarte was seen intoxicated due to the influence of alcohol responsible for being uncooperative with the police. He was seen resisting arrest due to an altered behavioral response affected by the intoxication, making it difficult for the police officers to apprehend him along the road.

The two police officers took Dela Riarte to police custody and he was seen being handcuffed. Inside the custody, Dela Riarte was then killed inside the police station. Upon investigation, there were conflicting statements verbalized as well as written by De Villa and Monon-og. Amateur photos and videos reveal that the actual footage conflicts their statements. The PNP HPG then apprehended them to face administrative and legal charges. In addition, the two police officers are also facing criminal charges filed by the kin of John Dela Riarte.

PNP HPG claimed that former PO3 De Villa's death was not a product of a foul-play. It was clear that he intentionally went to the top of the building and then decided to jump off from the building. Police officials now rely to several eye-witness statements because there were no close-Circuit cameras installed from the scene where Jeremiah was seen moments before he jumped of indicates that he acted on himself intentionally.

PNP-HPG Chief Superintendent Antonio Gardiola Jr. acted as the spokesperson regarding PO 3 De Villa's case. Gardiola then indicated that De Villa was deeply affected in the case that he and Manon-og are facing right now.

HPG Police Officers De Villa and Manon-og's case were highlighted when numerous videos and photos surfaced on the internet. The case of Dela Riarte also caught the attention of Commission on Human Rights, aggravating the criminal charges against the two police officers.

PO 3 De Villa may have been seriously traumatized since he was facing administrative charges after an incident with John Dela Riarte. He was observed socially isolated and was always idle, thinking about his pending criminal charges.

The family of De Villa is yet to make a statement regarding Jeremiah's incident.

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