President Rodrigo Duterte orders the military as well as the police force to fully neutralize ISIS sympathizer Abu Sayyaf. The group was always responsible for destroying the reputation of the Philippines to international communities due to its terrorist ideologists. The Philippines have always been suffering from security mischief due to the reign of Abu Sayyaf that has been responsible for abducting both local and international citizens to terrorize the whole world. Duterte orders the military to destroy any members of the bandits to prevent similar incidents that can happen in the future

Rodrigo Duterte was again furious as the group beheaded an innocent teenager who was still young to explore the world and become productive. The terror group was unable to fulfill its demands for asking a ransom worth 1 million as an exchange to free the young captive. The 18-year-old captive was identified as Patrick James Almodovar. Beheading is an intimidating tactic by the group as a strategic campaign to fulfill the ideology of terrorism. The families and friends of Patrick are now seeking for justice as Patrick was innocently used by the bandits to continue their coercive actions.
President Rodrigo Duterte orders to destroy Abu Sayyaf as they executed Patrick James Almodovar
Patrick James Almodovar was an 18-year-old male. He was last seen on July 24, 2016, when he went out together with his friends in Jolo, Sulu and began missing since. After several days, Patrick's mother, Anne Almodovar received a phone call and was shocked to know that her son has been abducted by the terrorist group. The bandits were demanding for 1 million as a ransom for the release of Patrick James Almodovar.

Almodovar family started pleading for help from President Rodrigo Duterte to free Patrick James. A video was posted on August 5, showing Patrick James being surrounded by the terror group. He was anxiously asking for anyone to pay ransom to the group as soon as possible or else he will be beheaded. The deadline for the ransom was set on August 24, 2016. Immediate families and friends of Patrick James were able to gain at least 100,000 pesos, which is way below the demanded ransom in exchange for the freedom of the captive.

However, on August 24, 2016, a severed head was found and then recovered by the authorities in Kadjatian, Indanan, Sulu. Western Mindanao command spokesperson Major Filemon Tan Jr., stated that the head was believed to be the teenage captive of the Abu Sayyaf, which was recovered at 7:40 in the evening. The severed head is suspected by the authorities belonging to the young teenage boy that was the captive of the terror group. Authorities forwarded the head to the crime laboratory for further examination.

Watch Patrick James Almodovar's plea for help 

As based on the video, Patrick James was last seen from the video uploaded by the bandits on the internet. Patrick was anxiously pleading to the public to hand over the ransom for the bandits in exchange for his release. He was seen surrounded by the armed group while the other member of the bandit recorded a video of him. Seconds later, one of the bandits chants about the ideology of their jihadist movement, trying to portray a coercive tactic to intimidate the public.

Patrick James indicated from the video that he is a Christian. As part of the ideology of the ISIS sympathizers, they are mandated by the caliphate to execute all non-Muslims, particularly Christians, which is against their jihadist beliefs.

Patrick was an employee of Barangay Asturias Hall in Jolo, Sulu. He was also believed to be enrolled at Sulu State College. Dreams and hopes for this young teenager will never become a reality because he was already executed by a terror group that haunts the Sulu province.

Prayers and condolences started to pour Almodovar's family as they started grieving the gruesome execution of Patrick.

The government is strictly implementing a "no ransom" policy to anyone asking for a monetary amount in exchange for the freedom of their captors. Although this policy is strictly implemented, families of every abducted victim will try to do anything in order to save their loved ones from the brink of harm.

The Jolo government is set to release a statement regarding the recent execution of Patrick James Almodovar.

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