During Senate hearings through the initiative of Philippine Senator Leila De Lima, a witness surfaced to voice her disappointment against the members of Philippine National Police. This witness faced the senators to express her frustrations regarding the treatment of responding police towards her husband. Her testimony at the senate hearing was televised to the public and will still be publicized to the public until justice will be served.

The pedicab driver was identified as Eric Sison, who was shot by the police and instantly died on the spot after the confrontation. He was supposed to surrender, but the police fired several shots to him, taking away his life forever. Eric has been included by the Pasay Police as one the lists of suspected users and pushers of illegal substances. Police assumed that Eric was responsible for helping syndicate to distribute prohibted substances to buyers and other pushers in Pasay City. This made the decision of the Police to apprehend Eric. However, a tragic incident happened after they encountered the person of interest.
Rachel Bermoy left and slain husband Eric Sison, who was fatally shot during a Police operation
Eric Sison is a pedicab driver, in which his earnings from driving his pedicab mainly sustains his family's basic needs. He was married to Rachel Bermoy and they have a two-year-old child. But now that he is gone, Rachel will now be raising the child alone because the father of the child has been already killed by the police.

Rachel Bermoy did not hesitate to file charges against the authorities who fired several shots against the alleged illegal substance user and pusher. Bermoy is now seeking justice for the death of her former husband who already left her alone with her two-year-old child. She was then invited to the senate hearing to express her disappointment with the way the police acted against their husband. Rachel is now pleading for an immediate legal and ethical solution to her husband's deadly police encounter at their home. Rachel was also a witness during the time of the incident while her husband was fatally shot by the authorities.

According to Senator Leila De Lima, Eric did not resist arrest because he was willing to surrender himself to the police. However, the police decided otherwise, shooting the suspect at point blank with multiple gunshot wounds to his body. A person who did not resisted arrest but was still fatally shot is an example of a grave summary execution. De Lima indicated that there should be a due process for every person who are allegedly connected to the use and trade of illegal substances.

President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal substances aims to deteriorate criminalities across the country by neutralizing syndicates responsible for manufacturing, distributing, and trading illegal substances. Illegal drug campaign is the solution to decrease criminal activities across the country. With the continuous program against illegal drug campaign, the Philippines will be one of the few countries in the world that will experience less crimes than any country around the world.

The curious case of Eric Sison generated mainstream attention that highlights several lapses with the proper process of apprehending individuals involved with the illegal trade. During the senate hearing, teary eyed Philippine National Police Chief Ronaldo Dela Rosa made an apology to Rachel for the tragic loss of her husband.

Pasay Police indicated that Eric Sison was carrying a firearm during the time of the incident. However, neighbors and family members denies police's claims. Moreover, Eric was believed to be a victim of misidentified individuals as a trader of illegal substances.

The police officers responsible for the death of Eric Sison was apprehended by the police. They are expected to face administrative charges due to Eric's misfortune.

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