In the government, there are two different major groups that influence law and order in our society. There is one group who is currently under the vast majority of the administration who is currently managing the laws and policies of the society. The other group is obviously the opponents against the administration. The opposition group acts as a mirror to the activities and decisions of the governments. Normally, there are critics made by the opponents of the administration, stressing projects, negligence, and other undesirable practices of the government.

Richard Gordon is probably the most neutral public officials of the government under President Duterte's administration. He is outspoken, fearless, and a brave senator who wants to make a change in the Philippine government system. Despite from his brave actions, he always remains neutral to either the two government groups. This what makes Richard Gordon lovable because he does not associate himself heavily to either of the most dominant groups in the Philippine government. What he is known for is his dedication to work in which he serves as a public official to provide the needs of the community while serving his term.
Senator Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon is an incumbent senator of the Republic of the Philippines. He was born on the 5th of August in 1945. Richard is also known as a broadcaster and a statesman in the Philippines. Gordon ran for a senatorial seat during 2016 Philippine National elections and was ranked 5th with total votes of 16,719,322.

Senator Gordon is the chairperson for the Senate hearing on a multi-billion illegally shipped narcotics received by the Customs Department. The senator, along with other members of the senate are now investigating to identify the perpetrators of the alleged shipment containing prohibited substances retrieved in the Bureau of Customs. He is also one of the senators conducting another Senate hearing on the mysterious executions of several teenage victims by negligent authorities who failed to follow proper conduct on maintaining peace and order to the society.

Prior to becoming a senator, Richard Gordon was appointed as one of the cabinet secretaries of former president Gloria Arroyo. Gordon was assigned to the Department of Tourism. During his term, Richard reopened the tourism industry of the Philippines after the country suffered negative international impression brought about by a series of extremism in the southern region of the country. He introduced "WOW Philippines" campaign to bolster domestic tourism across the country, which is a stepping stone to generate international tourism and increasing tourist arrivals of the country.

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5 Facts about Richard Gordon

1. He is a Filipino Politician: Richard Gordon experienced the taste of politics when he was elected as the Mayor of Olongapo City in 1980. He turned Olongapo City into a highly urbanized center on the western coast of Central Luzon Region. He ran for a senatorial seat in 2004 and won a seat with over 12,707,151 votes, which ranked as the fifth after the election. He ran for the presidency in 2010 but was lost by Senator Benigno Aquino III who then became the president. Gordon failed another attempt to ran for a senatorial position in 2013 by placing 13th. In 2016, Gordon won the senatorial race with 16 million votes in the 5th rank.

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2. He is a lawyer: Richard Gordon took Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of the Philippines Diliman under the College of Law. After becoming a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Gordon was employed at ACCRA Law Officers as an associate attorney. His expertise as a lawyer translated into a blossoming political career. This is why he knows how to weigh in with some of the most sensitive political issues in our society today as a senator.

3. He is a broadcaster: The senator was asked to become a broadcaster to TV5, one of the largest broadcasting networks in the Philippines. Gordon is a host for "Aksyon Solusyon" program on Radyo5 92.3 FM with Amelyn Veloso. He is also regularly seen on Duelo: Barilan ng Opinion on Aksyon TV television show on the same television network. As a broadcaster, he rendered his expertise as a lawyer for the lucky chosen individual who is seeking for a legal help to solve their case with the host.

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4. Red Cross Chairman: Senator Richard Gordon is the incumbent Chairman of the Philippine Red Cross, which is a non-government organization responsible for providing humanitarian aid. Since 1986, he became a prominent figure of the Philippine National Red Cross, initiating donations and humanitarian assistance to areas affected by severe natural calamities. Examples are the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991, Aurora landslide in 2004, Mudslide in Ginsaugun, Southern Leyte in 2006, the stampede at the PhilSports Arena, and 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan.

5. An avid supporter of Duterte: Although serving from different political administrations, Senator Richard Gordon has a high respect for the Constitution. He respects whoever elected executive is currently governing the country as they are now in power to take responsibility for the country's political affairs. This means that Gordon has a high respect for Rodrigo Duterte and may always support the president's actions and decisions for as long as it is for the betterment of the Philippine society.

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