On November, major pageants will set to take place, crowning several aspirants who aim to become the ambassadresses of their respective beauty pageant titles. One major pageant in the world is Miss Earth, which is a pageant that seeks to promote nature and environmental diversity through beauty pageant campaigns. Pageant fans who are relentlessly becoming more interested in this pageant are to intensify their campaign to unify the society against the impacts of climate change. Through this pageant, promotion of environmental awareness becomes a rational way of preserving our society's environmental concerns.

As there are many delegates who are now participating in this pageant, the level of competitiveness is now higher as compared before. New countries who intend to participate in Miss Earth by sending a representative indicates that they are seriously advocating environmental preservation. The representatives of each country established their respective environmental advocacies as they become ambassadresses of their respective country. The winner and the runners-up will have the privilege to travel around the world to crown new representatives as well as strengthening environmental campaigns. As of now, there are 16 favorite delegates who are believed to penetrate the semi final spots.
Miss Earth 2017 hot picks 
Miss Earth is an annual beauty pageant that is held regularly in the Philippines. The vision of the advocacy is to promote environmental awareness and preservation, in which the coronation night will take place on November 4, 2017, at SM Mall of Asia Arena. This is brought about by the increasing concerns of natural disasters that are now more intense and historically devastating. Examples are the recent hurricanes, typhoons, flooding, and incessant torrential storms that are now more frequent than the past decades.

This pageant is seeking for a woman who is outspoken against negligence that impacts our environment. A queen should have a strong advocacy even prior to joining Miss Earth, which implies that they are ready to take a larger responsibility to promote their environmental visions through joining beauty pageants. This is not only showing how good their catwalk or how their confidence can wow the judges, it is where they are aiming to make a change to the environment and not only in front of the stage.

Advocacy is an important vision to promote the environment for Miss Earth beauty pageant. The organizers decided to increase the percentage criteria for the question and answer portion and the interview portion during pre-pageant. This means that the criteria for the catwalk and beauty have lesser percentages because the organizers are more focused on the characters of the candidates rather than their physical appearance. Candidates must have to balance their environmental mission while joining a prestigious beauty pageant. Here are the top 16 in random order

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The Strongest Four

  • These are the ladies who have the highest chance of penetrating the top 4
  • GERMANY: This country is sending a bombshell. Solaya Kohlmann is exceptional with a Miss WOrld 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova vibe with her Barbie type appearance. This woman is underrated, but will definitely make a powerful attention during the pageant. It will not be a surprise if this woman becomes a favorite among other contestants while promoting the environment.

  • PUERTO RICO: Another Barbie doll type of girl. She is strong, well-prepared, and will make a vengeance to regain her country's powerhouse status. Her styling is versatile and can wrap herself into different vibes and charm with different makeup. Watch out for this woman during the pageant as she will show how they suffered when her country was hammered by Hurricane Irma. 
  • THAILAND: Paweensuda Drouin made a disappointing 3rd place finish during her stint in Miss Universe Thailand 2017. However, she is a reckon to force in this pageant. Paweensuda instantly became a heavy favorite since she was appointed as the official representative of Thailand to Miss Earth 2017 beauty pageant. 
  • ECUADOR: Lessie Giler is gunning for a back to back victory for Ecuador and hopes to make history in this particular pageant. She is tall, prepared, and trained to show her strong advocacy to continue her predecessor's advocacy on promoting the environment. She is obviously ready to defend the title from other nationalities during the pageant. 

The Eloquent ladies
  • These are the ladies who are naturally outspoken and can ready to brush their brains in every interview that can lift their chances on top.
  • WALES: Sophie Bettridge is very excited to visit the Philippines and compete for Miss Earth 2017. Her bubbly personality and natural personality perfectly fits the criteria of Miss Earth to promote the environment against climate change. Her mission is to participate Miss Earth pageant as a way to strengthen her mission to help environmentalists to control environmental negligence. 
  • PHILIPPINES: Karen Ibasco has two qualities to become Miss Earth. She has a fierce vibe that can help her chances to penetrate until the top 4 spots. Secondly, her wit is the most important and the strongest weapon as she can deliver an impressive answer during the question and answer round. She is also training hard to maintain her confidence and physique to participate perfectly to the pageant. 
  • VENEZUELA: Coming from the powerhouse of beauty pageants, Ninoska Vasquez is currently trained by her beauty queen predecessors who already knew the right formula to win the pageant. She also trained to adjust with the changed criteria of the pageant to consistently place during the finals night of the pageant. 
  • USA: The United States is slowly garnering the right formula to make a comeback to the world of pageantry and sends Andreia Gibau to make a history. This woman's appealing character with a strong walk can easily make her penetrate the top 16 spot. If she will make it through the final 4, the chance of winning is a huge possibility for this woman. 

The Dark Horses
  • These are ladies who are considerably underrated but can make a big leap during the coronation night. 
  • ANGOLA: Ermelinda Martins is perhaps the most competitive candidate from the African region. Her beauty is effervescent with a strong advocacy background by means of representing her country to show the world how her country is slowly being affected by oil pollution. She uses her charm to create a voice against negligent individuals to stop marine pollution in her country.
  • RUSSIA: It is nice to know that Russia organized a national pageant to elect a representative for Miss Earth. This is because Russia is serious about helping to preserve our environment by slowing global warming. Through Lada Akimova, Russia can elevate their beauty pageant status in Miss World because she is ready to use her Russian charm and character to promote the environment. 
  • VIETNAM: Le Li Than Thu wants to continue her predecessor's placement as one of the top 8 finalists last year and is now undergoing a rigorous beauty pageant training to make it happen. Le Li Than wants to show to the world that her country is also suffering from the negative consequences of negligent environmental conservation of natural resources.  
  • MYANMAR: This country is sending a delegate with a fierce aura that can easily gain the attention of the judges. Tin Sandar Myo is hoping for a placement in the pageant as a way to strengthen her advocacy for promoting the environment. She is currently trained in preparation to penetrate the finals of the pageant. 

The Impressive Four
  • These are the ladies who can easily penetrate the top 16 due to rigorous preparation prior to the pageant.
  • COLOMBIA: She is an underrated contestant who can easily penetrate the top 16 due to her unique facial features and strong Passarella skills. Juliana Franco's predecessor is the first runner up of last year's edition of Miss Earth. This country has an elevated beauty pageant performances. Juliana is highly prepared and currently polishing her advocacy skill to consistently place in the annual competition for the country as well as helping to preserve the environment from abusing natural resources. 
  • INDONESIA: This country from the Southeast Asia is now seriously considering this major pageant as an important affair to their country. Michelle Victoria Alriani is aware that Indonesia is suffering from wild fires, sinking islands, and frequent torrential rains due to global warming. Her sweet aura can pave her way to place into the finals along with her trained Pasarrela skills. 
  • BRAZIL: This country is sending a blonde candidate from a South American country while aiming to promote environmental awareness to the pageant. Bruna Vizintin's powerful and magnetic charm aims to show to the world that her country is at risk for losing uncontacted indigenous tribes due to destructive mining in the Amazon forest. Vizintin hopes to place higher in this year's event by surpassing her predecessor's achievement. 
  • MEXICO: If there is one lady who is seriously considering this pageant as a major accomplishment, it is Karen Bustos. This lady is already equipped with a perfect preparation, which is also gunning for a final 4 spot or even the winning position. She wants to show everyone that Mexico is also constantly hammered by multiple tropical cyclones accompanied by an earthquake that left behind dozens of fatalities. 

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