There is a new technological craze that makes people feels excited. This is because Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook announced on Tuesday that the company is launching a new version of its iPhone series product. Tim Cook unveils iPhone X as the latest series of iPhone technology that will soon to be available in the market in just a few months from now. The iPhone is the new symbol of technological excitement that drives enthusiasts to reserve either one or several pieces of this device as their new personal gadget.

The iPhone X (10) smart phone is the latest series of iPhone technologies that Apple Inc successfully released to the public. The launching was unveiled on September 12, 2017, when the CEO, Tim Cook introduced the new gadget to the public. iPhone X is thought to be larger than its previous version of iPhone products that are now available on the market. Along with iPhone X are iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus that will be also available in the market. This version has the latest smart phone technology designed by Apple Inc.
Apple iPhone X
iPhone X is expected to elevate the technological image of Apple Inc, which is due to the presence of new technological applicability to personal and professional use. The gadget's initial preorder date is on October 27, 2017, and the probable release date of iPhone X is expected to be on November 3 of 2017.

Fact #1 Larger Size: iPhone X is larger with a 5.8 size that is accustomed to your visual needs. The size is considerably larger, which can enhance the visual features of the device. Even if the size is larger, the electronic gadget is still considered handy. Users are still able to hold the device while they are in motion such as walking along the streets and texting. You can still keep your electronic gadget while you are busy attending something important at home, at work, or in any business affairs that you are affiliated or attending.

Fact #2 Whole Front is One Big Screen: The whole front of the iPhone X gadget is maximized into one full screen. This means that there is no wasted space in every corner of the screen, making it very useful for using the device for visual purposes. The entire 5.8 screen is built with a super retina screen, making it richer in color that satisfies your visual perception. There is no home button that is observed from the previous versions of iPhone series. The screen is made into a touchscreen resolution technology, making it as an important advantage for the users to maximize their technological capacity.

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Fact #3 Facial Recognition Technology: Apple iPhone X can be unlocked by recognizing your facial feature. The two sensors beside the rear cameras of your phone allow these electronic scanners to track the surface of your face. It uses a three-dimensional technology to define and analyze the structures and features of your facial integrity. By just facing your phone, you will be able to log in to your mobile device and start navigating your phone's features. It can also recognize the size of your iris and its features to unlock your phone at any time.

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Fact #4 Wireless Technology: It offers a wireless technology application, especially when charging your phone that other mobile companies are yet to produce this kind of technology to their smart phones. You will be able to charge your phone without connecting to any wires that are sometimes causing mobile disturbance whenever you charge your phone. When you are traveling, the risk of opening your bag to bring out your battery is no longer necessary because you are able to charge the power supply of your phone without needing a charger.

Fact #5 Water and Dust Resistant: It has a higher resistance against dust through a compact metal frame and a thicker glass quality to the screens. This is to prevent any particles from entering inside the mobile device that might cause electronic disruptions. Dust can disrupt the automatic orientation system of the iPhone because it is a device that is installed with a mother board and electronic chipsets. The phone is also water resistant, in which it can survive to a depth of 1.5 meters below the water surface. This means that your mobile phone is highly resistant to any contaminants to prolong its longevity after the initial use of the new owner of the device.

Question: Are you excited to buy Apple iPhone X?

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