Samsung is again attracting technology enthusiasts due to the release of its latest smartphone technology. This time, it is the most conventional Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which is now attracting smartphone enthusiasts due to its new technological features. The latest release represents how technology is now transforming the society with its latest trends in communications capable of transforming the lives of the society in just a tap.

When you want to try something new, it is important to choose the best model that can bring a significant benefit to your personal affairs. This is similar when handling smartphone gadgets because it is a way for you to elevate your needs and aspirations to reflect your recent accomplishments in life. Smart phones are regarded as reflections on how you are progressing in your life that can make a difference with any affairs that you are currently affiliated. Smart phones are accessible communication tools for you to extend your presence through communication using different applications that your gadget has to offer.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge series
Since its release in February, there were positive commentaries regarding the use of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Just hours after purchasing the mobile device, users were extremely satisfied with the features being offered by this particular new gadget. This means that there will be more demand that the company expects for the next coming days. Samsung company is honored to have numerous patrons of their products and services in order to boost technological productivity in mobile and electronics industry.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the latest trending electronic device manufactured and produced by Samsung electronics company. The device is an upgrade from the previous version Samsung Galaxy S6 edge that was released last year. S7 Edge is considered the most technologically advanced smartphone brand that the world has ever produced. There are numerous features of this particular gadget that users love and make it as part of their everyday routine. Patrons will be engaged in a more engaging electronic material that is equipped with an evolutionary gadget to improve communications and media enhancements.

New features

1. Larger screen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is resized to have 5.5 inches diagonal screen resolution, providing a more conventional way for every user. This promotes a more convenient way of using new features that show larger but clear photos, moving images, live images, and application systems. The current measurement with the gadget's screen is upsized than that of previous Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. For those who are suffering from a poor eyesight, larger is always considered better.

2. Water and dust proof technology

Waterproof is another feature of this cool gadget that makes it more interesting. This electronic device is designed to shield any moisture against devastating effects of water contamination to the gadget. As a waterproof resistant, it allows the device to withstand underwater exposure for at least 30 minutes. While underwater, the device can survive to a depth of 1.5 meters from the surface of any body of water, including sea water.

Aside from being waterproof, the device is also a dust-proof device. It is resistant to any dirt and unseen particles to penetrate inside the device. Using device will never have to worry about the risk of dust to accumulate with its deep edges and inner parts.

3. Photo features

As for the photos, the gadget offer moving images feature, which is is another hidden feature that the gadget can offer to the user. Every after snapshot, it shows before and after motions that can be played to each photo under the gallery. There are more features installed, such as allowing a slow motion picture frame that can be played even if the video is only recorded for at least six seconds. More photo editing features are also installed, enabling users to manipulate every single or group of photos and videos.

4. Battery life

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is built with a longer-lasting battery life. It is designed to have a capacity of 3600 mAh, which has a longer battery life than Samsung Galaxy S7 flat screen and previous version of Samsung Galaxy S series. This gadget can survive at least more than 24 hours. It can last longer than 24 hours if you are going to set the power-saving on. But the most interesting fact is about the adjustments that can be applied to the ultra-power saving features because it can save for up to more than 40 hours when enabled.

5. Camera Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is undoubtedly the best. It is built with a 12 mp dual rear camera that allows users to take more than pixelated photos and videos. The dual rear camera can feature night vision sensors to make each captured image or photos to be perfectly seen in each shot. The opposite or front camera has a 5 mp resolution, which is also perfect for selfies. You can snap any rapidly moving images to have a still image result in each capture.

6. Faster memory

This device is equipped with a higher RAM (Random Access Memory) resolution. It has a 4 gigabyte RAM, which enables memory processing system to be faster and can perform multitasking at the same time. This is higher than the previous 3 gigabyte RAM from previous versions of S series and other series released by Samsung.

7. High performing processor

This gadget is equipped with 1.6 octa-core technology, which is twice as fast as previous gadgets with quad core processors. The processing speed is considerably faster than any other gadgets available on the market.


* The only thing is the vulnerability of the gadget's glass screen. You should cover the gadget with glass screen protector so that if you accidentally drop your phone, the tempered glass protector will only break and while the actual screen of your phone will still stay intact.

* Do not overexpose the gadget under water for more than thirty minutes because it can easily break down. You will observe that Google chrome will appear and start browsing as well as the temperature will start to heat up.

*Make sure that by just purchasing the item, you should test the battery, photos, messaging, applications, internet connections, and memory to ensure that there is no factory defect.

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