As the source of vegetables becomes scarce, the human population is now creating an alternative source of food supply. Outsourcing food supply from marine source provides another way for the humanity to prolong survival as well as to generate a productive health practice. This time, seaweeds are gaining popularity in various wet markets as well as in groceries around the world. In dry retail outlets, you observe that there are new varieties of food products that are made out of seaweeds, which is now a common thing that you can see in supermarkets, stores, or by direct selling retailers.

It is always important to be resourceful because it widens our source of food. Considering the sea as one of our sources of foods is an important issue that the public should be aware of. This is for the reason that seafood that we consume is rich in essential nutrients and minerals that are good for the body. Keeping our diet safe and productive enables our healthy practice efficient and accurate in the long-term. As a health conscious individual, eating seaweed can bring numerous health benefits because it can generate a way to enhance our physiological well-being.
Roasted seaweed sheets
Seaweeds are multicellular and macroscopic marine algae that are found in waters. They are referred as the grass of the sea. This marine species is also classified as algae floating in any body of water usually along the streams, lakes, sea, and ponds. There are several types of seaweeds that are classified according to their color, which is red, green, and brown algae. Seaweeds are generally harmless to other organisms because they provide as the producers of food to all types of animals that are thriving in the water or in the land.

There are different kinds of seaweeds that are consumable, which is popular in Asian countries. These are not your ordinary seaweeds that you can see along the shores along the beach. Seaweeds that are available on the market are usually processed flakes derived from a real seaweeds harvested in the seas. They are packed in boxes, containing compressed flakes of seaweeds that are preserved and salted.

For many, seaweeds have a variety of use. They are usually known as an edible form of a variety of substances that provides a basic food supply for most organisms including human beings. As a medicine, seaweeds provides a significant benefit to health because there are compounds that are found in this organism that can treat a variety of diseases. This is why they are known to be marine-based herbal medicine because they are sea herbs that can be cultivated from water sources in order to play an important role in science and medical research.

Health benefits of eating seaweeds

1. Introduces good bacteria to our colon: Seaweeds contains essential bacterial flora that is good for our digestion. When some seaweeds are consumed, it will help counteract bad bacteria, responsible for causing food-borne diseases. Good bacteria from seaweeds helps to prevent bacterial formation to the body. The risk of suffering from diseases caused by harmful bacteria inside our intestine is slim due to the introduction of a new set of normal flora inside our digestive system.

Roasted seaweed sheets in a plastic tray

2. Reduces cholesterol levels in the body: People suffering from heart ailments will never worry about their cardiac system when consuming seaweeds. The reason behind is that this edible substance contains low calories that are good for the heart. Macronutrients help to neutralize existing cholesterol in the body that destroys harmful low-density and very-low-density lipoprotein responsible for causing emboli and thrombus formation inside the bloodstream.

3. Introduces phytonutrients: Seaweeds contain a new set of nutrients that are different from the usual nutrients found on land. These are phytochemicals that are responsible for helping existing nutrients to nourish cellular perfusion all over the body. When consumed regularly, it can significantly improve a cellular synthesis of each cell structure. The proteins become a complete structure that can be able to function efficiently or accurately to any organ or system.

4. Detoxify the body: Eating seaweeds on a regular basis can help detoxify your bloodstream and cleanses vital organs. The nutrients as well as a variety of marine-based substances that cleanse your bloodstream from different forms of toxic compounds. The phytonutrients eliminate free radicals that remove unwanted components in your blood stream responsible for making your body free from cancer forming substances. The perfusion of different organs becomes more efficient, which will boost hormonal processes of the body.

5. Improves immune system: After detoxifying the body through the introduction of phytochemicals, the immune system will now have an ample time to defend the body from other harmful microorganisms. Phytochemicals responsible for fighting pathogens in the body is an immune booster effect because the white blood cells will now have a new set of companies to help drive away bacteria, fungi, virus, parasites, and free radicals that are all harmful to the body.

6. You can have a smoother skin: People who are using seaweed as their staple food may observe a significant improvement the skin's integrity. Eating more seaweed reduces pores because it decreases the amount of fat cells responsible for secreting more oil from the sebaceous glands on the skin. When the skin is producing lesser oil throughout the body, the face becomes lighter, smoother, and flawless.

7. Improves teeth and bone density: Seaweed is rich in calcium, which is why it is recommended for elderly individuals. It helps to increase the density of the bone so that it prevents any trauma due to physical shear stress that can affect the continuity of the bone or the teeth. The risk of developing both bone disease and dental cavities are minimized because the bone increases its immunity against harmful chemical and bacterial invasion.

8. Nourishes the brain: Seaweeds is rich in magnesium and iodine, which relaxes the brain by allowing the smooth muscles to dilate. This allows more nutrients to supply every cells and tissue inside the brain. It also improves oxygen perfusion to allow the brain's neurons to improve its function by correctly relaying impulses to other neurons. In addition, the iodine content aims to boost the memory and cognitive function of the brain when taking seaweeds regularly.

9. Cleansing the colon: With the preference of using seaweeds when cleansing the colon, seaweeds provides an alternative solution to thoroughly flush the digestive system. It contains laxative effect when consumed in a large quantity for a single meal. This is because it contains a high amount of fibers that are essential for driving away hardened particles that are embedded in the walls of the small and large intestines.

10. Decreases high blood sugar level: If you are worrying about the amount of sugar in your blood, seaweeds is another important food that can help reduce it when taking it on a regular basis. Phytochemicals from seaweeds neutralize excess sugar in our diet, normalizing the blood sugar level in your body. It acts as a blood sugar controller, allowing people suffering from diabetes to have a stable blood sugar level because it helps insulin to control high blood sugar production and absorption in the body.

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