After its third consecutive automated elections, the Philippines has finally elected its new President. After all anguish and nervous expectations made by its respective supporters, the Philippines have finally decided on who will be their next leader who will be taking over as the next caretaker of the country. The Philippines will now be expecting a new administration under the new hands of a leader who will be sharing his fresh and unique leadership style.

People voted for a president who is willing to lend her wit and bravery to fight against corruption. The other president who wants to utilize the youth as a way to empower the young leaders who will become a promising icon in the future. One candidate vows to continue the right path to prevent corrupt practices in the future. And one leader who wants to end corruption by utilizing his power and experience. But there was only one who made it to become the most prominent person coming from the land of the south, who was a local politician in his own city that is now the new head of state of the Philippine Republic.

Most people cast their ballots for Rodrigo Duterte
On May 9, 2016, Filipinos have finally elected Rodrigo Duterte as the new and incoming president of the Republic of the Philippines. He is officially the 16th president of the country who was officially elected by the majority of the Filipino people. Rudy Duterte will be taking oath as the new president on June 30, 2016, after outgoing president Benigno Aquino II will depart from its post.

Rodrigo was regarded as the "Donald Trump" of the Far East. This is due to his straightforward commentaries and several controversial comments made in public.

Rodrigo Duterte is currently the Mayor of Davao City, the largest city in Mindanao island, which is the third largest metropolitan area in the Philippines. As an outgoing president, his daughter, Sarah Duterte is expected to be incoming Mayor of the country, which was also a previous mayor before her father filled the post to be the head of the city for three years. Finally, a representative from Mindanao island made history in the country for being the first to win the highest and the most powerful position in the country.

Previous surveys show that Mayor Duterte has been the dominant factor, out lashing other presidentiables. His dominance is consistent to show that he is Philippines 2016 presidentiables to be the man to beat.

Days prior to the election, other presidentiables attempted to bolt in with each other to beat Duterte's dominating popularity. But not all presidential candidate declined with the attempt to unite against Duterte's very strong potential to be the next president.

One vice presidential candidate attempted to tarnish Duterte's political campaign by claiming unexplained wealth. However, the strategy made Duterte even more popular, gaining more percentage in his ratings as the most preferred candidate to fill the highest position in the Philippines.

Political analysts claim that the strategy, attempting to unleash Duterte's confidential information was in fact, an advantage because it made him even more invincible.

Basing on previous campaigns, Duterte promised to establish a Federal form of government applied entirely across the Philippine archipelago. The purpose is to distribute equal power to each region across the country to prevent political, economic, cultural, and social inequalities or injustices.

Duterte also plans to reconcile with communist and Islamist groups to improve armed-related securities across the country.

Mayor Rodrigo and now President Duterte promises to clean the country by eliminating criminal activities in just three to six months. If failed to completely eliminate it, at least there is already a significant improvement with the safety and security of Filipinos against heinous crimes.

President Rodrigo Duterte will now take full responsibility as the new head of state of the Republic of the Philippines. He is expected to face both national and international challenges to keep the Philippines politically, economically, and socially stable during his reign for the next six years.

Philippine senator Grace Poe came in at second, former interior and local secretary Mar Roxas ranked third, Vice President Jejomar Binay is ranked fourth, Senator Miriam Santiago at fifth, and Seneres at sixth place.

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