Are you planning to spend your leisure time somewhere? There are simple things that you might consider when planning your trip. Since it is summer time, the weather is always hot and dry, making yourself uncomfortable at home or at work. Maybe this is a great idea for you to be spending your time to plan for a holiday vacation, which will have time for you to relax and temporarily forget the reality. Pugad is the perfect choice for all travelers and adventure seekers because there are numerous rides that you can enjoy while you are in the area to spend a memorable time with your friends and loved ones in that particular area.

Pugad resort is one of the major attractions in La Union Province that offers a new haven for leisure seekers to relax. Spending more time with your family enhances more quality time because you will be enjoying one of the major moments in your life that you will never forget in the future. Quality time is always important for your family and friends because you get to know more about your family members, especially if this is the only time that you will be spending your moments with them inside Pugad Resort.
Pugad Adventure resort
Pugad adventure resort is one of the main attractions in Pugo, La Union. It is a resort that is recently developed to cater locals and some foreigners who want to spend leisure time with their friends, relatives, or by just themselves. This is the place where people wants to gather and take a break from a stressful work so that it will provide a relaxing experience away from their usual environment. This is not an ordinary resort because it is located away neither along the coastline or areas that are filled with hot springs.

Locating Pugad is as easy as just counting 1, 2, and 3. It is situated few minutes from Kennon Road that goes up to Baguio City and Tubao road that goes up on its way to the Ilocos provinces via the municipality of Tubao. You just have to travel by road in order to reach the resort to spend your leisure time with your perks. If you are coming from the nation's capital, it takes at least 5 to 6 hours before reaching your destination. The time travel might be a little exhausting but, it will be all worth the wait when you reach some of the most adventurous resorts in the island of Luzon.

Pugad resort has numerous amenities that you will enjoy, citing that there are installed structures for all visitors to spend their time with their family. Numerous rides offer tourists and visitors to experience ravaging rivers and discovering the landscape of Pugo in La Union province. There are numerous itineraries that you can try while visiting the resort. Just pick the rides that you want to experience and the employees will assist you to enjoy their facilities while you are visiting the area.

5 Simple reasons why you should visit Pugad Resort 

1. They provide a variety of clean and refreshing pools

a relaxing pool in pugad

Pugad adventure's main attraction is their heat-replenishing pools that provide relaxing moments for all visitors who wants to seek refuge from the scorching temperatures of the summer. The pools are the reason why the place is considered as a resort attraction in the community. Speaking of safety, there are professionally trained lifeguards who always takes their time to monitor any suspicious activities happening to every pool across the resort. There are a variety of pools according to their depths that are intended for adults and children.

2. Zip line adventure

sipline makes it more fun in pugad

Puga offers one of the most anticipated attractions for every tourist. The resort is just one of the few resorts that offer zip line rides that fulfill its essence as a place for tourists to experience one of a lifetime adventure. Due to the vastness of the resort's land area, zip line extends between hills that is between 500 meters to 1-kilometer long ride. While being suspended in the air, you can have the opportunity to witness an aerial view in some of the portions of Pugo municipality where the resort is located.

3. Staying in Nipa-Hut style cottages

Nippa-Hut cottages

The Philippines is a tropical country. The cottages represent the resort's tropical identity by using localized textile products used to make traditional tropical houses. For foreign visitors, even staying in the cottage for several hours makes every guest experience what it is like to be inside a simple traditional tropical house.

One of the most interesting parts is that the resort does not charge you for any corkage fee if you bring your food or cooking wares. you can bring as many food or drinks as you want, provided that you are obliged to leave the cottage area clean as a courtesy to other guests or to the owner of the resort.

4. Visiting the mini zoo

an ostrich
wild deer

Zoo industry in the Philippines is gradually booming, with numerous large-scale resorts that are slowly establishing their respective zoos. The resort offers another opportunity visitors by having the luxury of visiting some wild animals that offer another interesting attraction in the area. Pugad is indeed an adventure resort because you are able to see different kinds of wild animals that are native to the Philippines or imported from other countries to make the zoo more diverse.

5. Numerous open spaces to have a picnic

Open space for picnics

Other than the zoo and zip line experience, the resort is also offering a place where people can relax while being in the vast gardens and open spaces. Visitors can take selfies and post or publish to their respective social media website. There are also several cartoon character statues that offer another attraction to the resort's premises to light up the image and the ambiance of the resort to be more welcoming while just looking at the statues.

6. Other adventure activities

land ride adventures

On land, Pugad also offers numerous adventure rides, making it one of the most adventurous places within Luzon. Thes include wall climbing activities, rappelling, paintball challenge, argo, and zip bike adventures. There are a highly trained personnel to guide you while having the best land rides of your rides

The resort offer water adventures at your chocie

On the water, the resort is also offering Jetski, Kayaking, River Tubing, Sea scooter, Paddle Boat, Bumper ball, and Zorp Ball. You can choose what rides you may want to ride according to the interest of your choice. The resort hired some of the best and finest swimmers to guide you in the waters.

The resort reminds the following:

  • Never smoke withing its premises
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Portable inflammable devices such as gas tanks or butane are not allowed
  • Prohibits any sharp or breakable objects
  • Proper use of swimming attire
  • Ride at your own risk
  • Valuables that are lost are not within the responsibility of the management
  • Guests who already reserved rooms or cottages should arrive before 11am or their reservation will be given to waiting-list reservers. 

You can visit the resort's Facebook page here: Pugad Adventure Page

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