Nature never stops bringing amazing events that create an entertaining scenario. This time, a domesticated cat is trying to pry on a wild snake that is slowly being swallowed by a frog. The snake may have been lost while wandering a certain neighborhood when it was caught by a hungry frog who is searching for a meal. The incident is considered bizarre because it is rare for two animals who wants to share the same food.

If you happen to see a cat who is trying to catch something, you better check it out because they might be in a rare situation that you should find out in order to discover the treasure of wildlife. For this reason, the cat is pursuing a snake that has been stuck inside the mouth of the frog. In this case, the snake was also being swallowed by the frog. The snake is considered adult because it measured several meters as it attracts the attention of the cat. In wildlife, an animal can be at risk for being predated by two different species of other animals as they struggle to survive. But if you are going to be caught up in this situation, you better prepare yourself for an extraordinary scenario that might chance your life forever.
The cat tries to attack the small snake
As seen from the photo, the cat became interested with the snake by trying to check on the slithery animal if it passes as its new meal for the day. But upon seeing the picture, there seems to be the problem that the cat faces. The feline does not seem to realize that the preferred meal is already being eaten up by another animal, which is the frog. The incident creates a new natural struggle between the domesticated feline and the amphibian.

As based on the photo, the snake that should have been a predator turned out to be a prey that is supposed to be snake's prey in the wild. While the snake is aware that almost half of its body is slowly being eaten by the frog, it is facing another dilemma as it is now confronted by a cat who also tries to take its fair share to the meal. The snake may have been feeling the effects of Friday the 13th because it is now facing two deadly dilemmas that are torn between the appetites of the frog and the hungry feline who is interested in consuming the slithery animal alive.

The incident was believed to be taken somewhere in Bangkok, Thailand. The video was then posted online and then it went viral over the internet. This is due to the nature of the wildlife nature that shows a snake that is now being fought between the frog and the cat to be their meal. Snakes are elusive predators. However, they are also preyed by larger animals, especially if they are small enough to be easily taken by hungry animals who wants to satisfy their hunger.

The snake might literally say 'wait, I am already being eaten by the frog, are you going to eat me too?'

The snake has a limited range of motion

While trying to pry on the poor snake, the cat observes that the snake has a limited range of motion activity. This is because the half of the snake's body is already being consumed by the frog. The snake is seen to be helpless as half of its body has already been swallowed by the amphibian and then closer to its head. The cat then observes that the snake is still alive and manages to fight itself against the animal while it is slowly succumbing to the frog's mouth.

The poor snake is slowly being devoured by the frog

The snake is believed to be a juvenile because of its size and appearance. Its predator, which is the frog, appears to be a fully grown adult amphibian, which is large enough to eat anything that it encounters when it is hungry.

Juvenile snakes are fragile as they are already been left by their own mothers at a young age. They are prone to bigger predators such as felines, canines, amphibians, and other reptiles for being as their prey. This means that they have to live on their own until becoming a fully grown adult.

Frogs are amphibians, they are also prone to predators when they are in their juvenile stage. When growing up as a full grown adult, they can be considered as the top of the food chain because they can eat  anything even if it is their own kind.

Domesticated felines or household cat are always known as predators. Domesticated felines are known obedient to their masters at their respective homes, but their wildlife instincts arise when they see smaller animals that can be potentially their meal.

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