In the entertainment world, we are aware that all casts are usually good looking because they provide an appealing ambiance to the audience. Celebrities in the entertainment industry are always conscious with the way they look because they are aware that every angle must look well in the eyes of the spectators. The main reason behind is that an artist should look professionally attractive in the eyes of the public. As a celebrity, they always promote brands, making them look like an apple for everyone's eye after deciding that they want to improve something within their own selves such as personality, appearance, lifestyle, and career approach.

In the case of Marlou, it is normal for him as a celebrity to transform as a person. keeping in mind that he is already started his showbiz career at a young age. Now that he is getting older, Marlou decides something that would make him different from other television artists. This is because he is always aware that there are other television artists like him who want to make a name for their career and identity. This is the reason why he decided to change something in a certain part of his body to relieve his anxiety.
Marlou Arizala or Xander Ford
Marlou Arizala is a newly renowned local celebrity in the Philippines. He started appearing in some television segments or sitcoms in various local networks in the Philippine entertainment industry. At a young age, Marlou is slowly establishing a name for himself, which is a blessing to his family, friends, and relatives.

Recently, Marlou Arizala made headlines when several dozens of photos started circulating across social media websites as well as in mainstream media. In the photos, Marlou appears dressed in a long lab-gown, indicating that he is now in a pre-operative procedure at an operating theatre somewhere in Manila. The said procedure was presumed to be sponsored by a private party who wants to transform Marlou into a new and appealing person after the event. For him, this is a rare opportunity not to be ignored by any recipient who wants to transform their lives to have a better endeavor.

After the procedure, there were another series of photos that were published in social media. Marlou's apparently underwent a rhinoplasty procedure to resize and reshape the present condition of his nose line. Another photo of him shows a post-procedural care is seen between him and the plastic surgeon, inspecting the wounds inside his nasal cavity, which is a routine follow-up checkup after the procedure to his nose. The impression is evidenced by the presence of wound dressing to his entire nose line area of his face. It is not clear if Marlou has undergone other procedures aside from his nose by the clinic.

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Watch the Transformation of Marlou Arizala

Will Marlou Arizala join Male pageants?

Marlou is actually ready to join male pageants even without undergoing the procedure. He has the body, the height, the face, and the personality. He is a total package because his character can print a memorable scene in front of the audience if it happens that he joined a certain pageant. Normally, a local pageant does not have any restrictions to any new contestants who want to have a good time entertaining the audience. In the case of Marlou, he can even outshine some of the most gorgeous candidates if he joins a pageant. His unique appeal and aura can already rank his position on top of the pageant.

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One main asset of Marlou is his personality. He has a bubbly personality that can reach heights to generate an interesting attention to the audience and judges. Just question how he got to local entertainment industry? This is because he has the personality that made him unique to easily catch the attention of the public. His strong persona can easily generate an interesting issue about his behavior for being cheerful, versatile, and willing to adjust to any procedure or styles to make things work for his well-being. Marlou can easily generate a new cluster of friendships with other candidates once he joins a pageant.

One major issue is his body physique. At a person in his age, his total body package is still on its maturing age. Once he reaches the age of 20's his body starts to mature and body hair starts to thicken. As of the moment, his twink stage makes his limbs appear slender because his growth hormones are still active. Minimal workout at the gym can help develop his physique to totally improve his body and soon become a matinee idol in the future. Once he started going to the gym and regularly stays there for at least two hours a day and four times a week, he will soon develop a body to die for.

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When all of his wounds are mostly healed, a new face begins to appear. Many are happy to see that there were no complications after the procedure. This means that the attending plastic surgeon made a successful job for completely transforming the facial appearance of Marlou at the expense of his sponsors. The procedure has deemed to be considered successful. When the numbness and swelling disappeared after the procedure, the new charming Marlou is now making another social media attention. Many are mesmerized by his new appearance and agreed that he is much more competent to win a title when joining pageants.

After the procedure, Marlou Arizala is now considered as a newly transformed celebrity. He is now known as Xander Ford, which means that Marlou Arizala is no longer used as his main identity. Now that he is a newly transformed person, it is appropriate to call him as Mister Xander Ford. This means that his brand new appearance can make him open new boundaries. After having a newly formed image, Marlou is now lucky to have this blessing because there is someone who wants to totally transform his figure and appearance to become a better person and might represent his country in major international male pageants.

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