A wedding is a union between two individuals who love each other. When two individuals vow to seal their relationship for infinity, they are now ready to exchange their vows in a ceremony. A ceremony that seeks to seal two individuals as an official couple. A wedding is a ceremony that formally introduces two individuals who love each other and are willing to live with each other regardless of any circumstance. After the wedding, the two individual is officially known as a couple.

In the case of celebrity weddings, these are prominent figures in our society where they are already enjoying their fame. Due to their celebrity status, they are able to establish a connection to the public by means of appearing on television shows, movies, commercials, and soap operas. Celebrities make a relevant amount of fortunes because they endorse several local and international brands. In this case, their wedding generates an extravagant show to the public. Celebrities are able to exchange their vows to iconic places that are worth millions of US dollars.
Celebrity weddings
Local celebrities in the Philippines have a reputation to be a decent money maker professionals. This is due to numerous projects that they make as a way to provide constant entertaining shows and events to their fans and local audiences. Aside from a talent in television networks, they are hired as a model or brand ambassadors that generates a decent amount of earnings.

This is no wonder that celebrities are fortunate enough to set an important event that generates the local audience's attention. This is especially to their fans and supporters who are always faithful on patronizing their shows and events elsewhere. The stardom status of celebrities makes themselves consistent on giving the most extravagant scene in every large event that they organize. When they are going to exchange vows with the person that they love, they want to be memorable enough that all of their fans will enjoy every moment during their wedding event.

Former President Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos Nuptial (16 Million): During their time in the 70's 16 million is considered comparable to an inflation today (2017) as 123 million. This is still considered one of the most expensive during this time of the year. Remember, The Philippine currency value reached One Peso is equal to $1. If the value of the Philippine currency is still as strong as before, the former couple outpaced other celebrity couples in the country due to the high standard value of the Peso.

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Check these Extravagant Celebrity weddings

Yeng Larrazabal and Donna Cruz (24 Million): Who wouldn't have thought that this celebrity couple in the 90's also made an extravagant wedding celebration during their time? Either of the couples is earning a decent amount of money when they were still single. Donna Cruz rose to fame in several local entertainment movies. She is also a local singer in the Philippines as well as a commercial model due to her doll-like facial feature. Meanwhile, her husband is a licensed practicing medical professional in a known hospital chain in the Philippines.

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Yilmaz Bektas and Ruffa Gutierrez (27 Million): Ruffa Gutierrez instantly rose to fame as a former child star from a prominent local showbiz family. At the legal age of 18, Ruffa joined the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines, the Binibining Pilipinas in 1993 and won the highest title, Miss World Philippines 1993. She represented that country and was awarded the Second Princess rank during the coronation night. Her rise to international fame caught the attention of a Turkish Prince, Yilmas Bektas. Ruffa indeed became a real royalty princess. However, the couple split years after but were blessed with two children.

Vic Sotto and Pauline Luna (83 Million): One of the most prominent couples in the Philippine entertainment industry is from the main talents of the longest-running noontime variety show in the country, Eat Bulaga made a significant wedding celebration. Vic Sotto is one of the pioneering personalities in Eat Bulaga who married a former Little Miss Philippines contestant and now an actress, Pauline Luna. The amount is a staggering value, which is an expected expense since both are paid extravagantly in their own jobs.

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Jun Ledesma and Assunta de Rossi (93 Million): Assunta de Rossi rose to fame during 1990's when she started appearing on local television shows, movies, and variety shows at a young age. She was one of the most sought child stars during her time. When she has grown into an adult, her charm quickly ignited a flame towards a local politician. This local politician started wooing the heart of Assunta that slowly developed a romantic relationship until they decided to exchange vows together. Their wedding event was one of the most extravagant, generating a heavy attention from the press.

Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo (500 Million): The most luxurious celebrity wedding of the year 2017 is awarded to the new Kho family. The staggering amount raised the eyebrows of many due to an enigmatic wedding celebration that was held in the romantic city of Paris. Vicki Belo is a celebrity prosthetic surgeon as well as a beauty mogul of a local beauty product chain in the Philippines. Hayden Kho is a celebrity doctor and an attractive male model, showcasing different clothing brands in the Philippines.

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