Senator and People's champion Manny Pacquiao is one of the most respected boxing superstars in the world. He made numerous bouts with different international foes inside the ring. His identity as one of the most successful living boxing superstar makes him the legend as a boxing superstar. He defeated some of the most formidable international boxers from different corners of the world, wowing millions of boxing fans. However, Manny Pacquiao is not new to several controversies from internet issues to personal affairs that are now stirring up both social and mainstream media.

Manny is now facing a new controversy when he was linked to a beauty vlogger named Arzaylea Rodriguez in an online social media application. The issue gained mainstream media attention when both Pacquiao and Rodriguez made a connection when there were activities that were noticed by the vlogger's fans. When they verified the identity of a certain Manny Pacquiao, they immediately notified Rodriguez that is was the superstar boxing champion. Arzaylea then responded to Manny by stating that he can call her anytime.
Arzaylea Rodriguez on left and Manny Pacquiao on right
Incumbent Senator Manny Pacquiao is now serving as a politician of the Philippines under the House of Senate. The senator is also allowed to participate his professional boxing career to either defend his title or to challenge other aspiring boxers.

When Manny Pacquiao was asked about the incident where he and a young beauty vlogger was linked together, he did not reject any issues about the online activity. He admitted that Arzaylea and the boxer crossed paths online when the beauty vlogger's multimedia activities passed through the newsfeeds of Manny's personal social media account. However, the boxing senator indicated that it was the vlogger who made the first contact with him on a famous social media account that linked them together through an activity.

Apparently, Arzaylea may have been informed about the incident and immediately responded that it was not her who made the first contact. It was revealed that Manny Pacquiao made a comment in one of her live videos on her personal social media account. When she was making a random beauty vlog as part of her main routine. However, Arzaylea also mentioned that she and the senator did not engage in any informal communication such as video or voice calling on social media. Arzaylea still mentioned that Manny can still call her anytime.

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Arzaylea is a known beauty vlogger. as a vlogger, she made multiple videos and blogs about her personal stuff in her various social media accounts. Her followers in Instagram is now running more than half a million and still rising. Arzaylea's followers are mostly from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and in Europe. She also made a significant number of followers and subscribers on her social media pages, groups, and profiles in other social media accounts.

As a beauty vlogger, she gained an international fame when she posted different angles about her self and personal affairs. She is feisty and known to always say what's in her mind to the public where she is willing to let her followers listen and watch her personal affairs. With million of total followers from her various social media accounts and channels, she attracted several brand companies to let her endorse their brands. Most brands are cosmetic products, allowing her to use them and make comments about the quality and her preference regarding the commodity to her audience.

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Manny Pacquiao is not new to controversies that surround his political and sports career. Way back, he was linked with a local actress, Ara Mina, whom he was allegedly made connections with each other. As a superstar celebrity, he is already immune to controversies because he is now a well-established father figure to his sons. He is also a known faithful husband to his wife for several years, Jinky Pacquiao.

But the question is, what made Manny Pacquiao engage in a simple social media activity with a known beauty vlogger in the United States? Is it because Arzaylea is attractive that made her charm irresistible with the renowned faithful Senator and boxing superstar? These were the most common questions surrounding the boxer's latest controversies and linking to his previous issues from the past that once circulated in mainstream media.

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