Kara McCullough is currently busy on her trip to Colombia to fulfill one of her duties on assisting causes such as attending a smile campaign. She further made a memorable bond with Miss Universe Colombia 2017 Laura Gonzalez. While visiting Colombia, Laura Gonzalez is her host, allowing her to view several scenes and trying traditional cuisines across Colombia. While in Colombia, Kara McCullough was confronted by a horrifying news. Her country is now mourning due to a mass shooting incident in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The incident occurred on October 1, 2017, between 10:08 and 10:50 in the evening. The incident occurred when the mass gunner open fired spectators of the Route 21 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas Strip area. The perpetrator broke his room's window on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. He immediately targetted the huge crowd and began pouring his bullets for over ten minutes. After realizing his horrific act, police authorities found him lifeless in his room with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Miss USA Universe 2017 Kara McCullough
Kara Deidra McCullough is a beauty titleholder in the United States. She is currently the reigning Miss Universe United States 2017 since when she was crowned on the 14th of May, 2017. She is hoping to win her country's 9th title for Miss Universe 2017 that will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 25.

Since the incident already made a current fatality toll of 59, including the suspect, friends, families, and relatives are now extending their condolences to the affected. The total number of injuries reached more than 500. The incident is considered as the worst and the largest mass shooting incident in US history. The most blamed issue is lax of gun laws in the United States. In the State of Nevada alone, anyone can purchase a firearm without showing any permits to possess a certain weapon. The suspect hoarded at least more than 35 weapons at home an at his hotel room combined.

Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant will be held in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is just a few steps away from the site of the incident. Many pageant fanatics were already thinking if they will still watch the most anticipated beauty pageant in the universe due to the terrifying incident that occurred on October 1, 2017. Many pageant fans are also skeptical if the Miss Universe Organization and IMG will decide to move the venue for the accommodation, pre-pageant, and the coronation night of Miss Universe 2017.

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Will Karah McCullough win Miss Universe 2017? 

Will Kara win Miss Universe 2017 this year? Many pageant analysts think that the incident can uplift the chances for Kara McCullough to win the competition. The people of the United States is still expected to be mourning during the competition until the finals night. In just a few weeks ahead, Miss Universe 2017 contestants will start arriving in the United States and finally land to Las Vegas to start their campaign on hoping to win the most elusive crown in the Universe.

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Regardless of the issue, the chances of Kara to still clinch the 9th crown for her country is still strong. Kara is preferred as one of the predicted candidates to penetrate the top 12 or 13th spot. She has the strong sash factor, the experience, confidence, and the physical qualities that a contestant can have to become one of the most dominating candidates in this year's competition. She is very articulate and able to speak her mind when she is asked anything that is relevant to her personal issues and current events in her community

Kara McCullough is a nuclear scientist. This background alone makes her as one of the silent girls with a very colorful educational and professional experience. She currently works as a nuclear scientist for the Federal government's nuclear program across the country. Kara's professional experience is a very significant factor for increasing her chances to go all the way through the top 3 finalists during the coronation night. It will not be a surprise if Kara will win her country's 9th crown, which is the only country to win the most crowns than any other country.

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