One of the greatest news that you can actually receive is when you will have another member of the family. This is a good news for the celebrity comedian and actress Pokwang, who successfully delivers a healthy baby girl after long months of labor preparation. The Sumbong family as well as with Lee O' Brian is happy to know that a new member will be there to shower them with new blessings. As a blessing, the new member of the family is considered as their lucky charm to start the year with a bang.

Baby Malia Subong was born on the 18th of January in 2018. The time of delivery is at 8:28 in the morning. The type of delivery that Pokwang underwent was via normal section delivery. The comedienne is currently recovering after delivering her new angel earlier this year. She is now under observation by the staff of obstetrics ward. Her vital signs are monitored to ensure that there are no unexpected abnormalities after her delivery in the healthcare institution. Pokwang is expected to be discharged from the hospital after recovered well after delivering her child.
Pokwang and baby girl
Marietta Sumbong with the popular name of "Pokwang" is a famous celebrity in the Philippines. She entered the world of show business as a comedian. Pokwang is under the management of Star Magic, which is the official talent agency that manages several promising stars of the ABS-CBN television network. Pokwang made a temporary break from show business to maximize her time in preparation for the delivery of her child.

Baby Malia is the second child of the comedienne actress together with her longtime partner. The father of baby Malia is Lee O' Brian, which is an American actor. The two met during their taping in of a movie entitled "Elsa Woolworth". The two became intimately close to each other. The two began dating each other until they became official partners. Lee then moved to the Philippines to be with his new partner, Powkee. After long months of being in a serious relationship, baby Malia became their first love child.

Pokwang's first daughter is 21-year-old Rie Mae. Pokwang gave birth to her when she was in her early 20's. During that time, Pokwang was still a comedian in some comedy bars, entertaining patrons across Metro Manila who wants to have a good time. She went to accept a job offer in Japan to support the needs of her child as well as her family. By the time that she returned back to the Philippines, she resumed working in comedy bars. Pokwang's comfort zone is to make people laugh due to her unique humor and quick thinking strategy.

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WATCH: Pokwang Delivers a healthy baby girl Malia

Marietta Subong was born on August 27, 1970, in Iloilo City, Philippines. Pokwang is the 7th child among the 11 siblings in her family. Pokwang worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Japan an in the United Arab Emirates. Pokwang's worst experience was when her son was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was in the United Arab Emirates. She was not allowed to go home to see her dying son and was then forced by her employers to complete her contract. Her son died while she was still in the United Arab Emirates.

After her return to the Philippines, Pokwang decided not to work abroad and vows to dedicate her full time as a mother to her daughter. Pokwang's life changed when she decided to join a reality hit show through Eric Nicolas. She eventually became the ultimate winner of "Clown in a Million". One of the exciting prizes is a contract with the ABS-CBN as a talent. She maximized her comedy career and leaped into acting. Since then, her fate in show business became an instant hit in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Now that Pokwang delivered her second child, her main priority is to become a primary care provider to her children. Pokwang is happy that her present partner and her daughter is with her to provide the best care to their new angel. At the same time, she is now open to resuming unfinished contracts with ABS-CBN such as to reappear in "Ang Probinsyano" daily night show.

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