When living in a tropical country, banana is abundant because most local residents use this crop as a commodity to suit their lifestyle. In tropical areas where banana is widely distributed, residents consume more than one banana because eating this particular food is already a part of their sedentary lifestyle. Residents might not know that banana can be responsible for keeping their health to be balanced on a daily basis because you will feel that there is something that will improve your nutritional intake for a certain time period.

A banana may just be a simple fruit, but you might not know that it contains nutrients that nourish your body. So you should not ignore this fruit because it might save your life in the future that you will not notice it. This fruit is tasty, soft, and easy to peel that does not cause any irritations to your mouth or stomach. You will never regret it when you start eating a banana on a regular basis because it will start cleansing your colon for a certain period.
A yellowish cluster of ripe bananas
Eating a banana per day will make you healthier

About the fruit: Banana is an edible fruit that can be harvested from a herbaceous flowering plant under Musa genus. It is an elongated shaped fruit that is usually curved. The fruit varies in size because there are some that appears elongated, not elongated, and fat looking fruit. Colors can also vary such as yellow, brown, purple, and green. Bananas are grown in clusters that can be produced after the flower has been already fertilized. The fruit is originated in tropical countries such as Southeast Asia, Central Africa, Central and South America, and parts of Oceania.

Aside from being used as an edible material, banana is used as a special commodity for agricultural companies. This is because bananas are needed for exportation to countries who lacks an agricultural supply of tropical fruits and vegetables. Bananas can be used in order for the companies to produce banana beer, banana wine, banana cake, banana noodles, and banana bread. Countries need a banana in order to generate a hefty amount of income because there are countries and companies who needs this particular fruit to sustain their client's basic needs.

This is the reason why people opted to eat banana on a regular basis because they are aware that something good will happen to their body. Banana is very high in essential nutrients that enhances the body to improve its digestion. Bananas are always available to all types of markets where vendors sell bananas directly from the tropical areas around the world. In this case, you will have the chance to promote a healthy lifestyle when you eat banana on a regular basis.

Why eating banana per day prevents you to consult your physician?

1. Improves your digestive system: Banana contains fibers that can ferment the colon of your digestive system that can produce prebiotic cells and other life forms to increase protection against toxins and harmful microorganisms. Fibers play an important role for improving your digestive tract by regulating peristalsis movement, which is essential to improve the function of your small and large intestine while they are absorbing nutrients from the food bolus or ingested food materials. Fiber allows our intestine to b cleansed because fibers are also non-soluble that will clean accumulated hard surfaces to boost absorption of nutrients.

2. Prevents cancer formation: Banana can help to prevent cancer formation such as inhibiting the presence of neoplasms from mutating in your body that may cause your health to improve its immunity. It contains indole-3-carbinol that is capable of combating against reproduction of cancer cell, which could prevent any health risks to anyone who will be eating a banana as their regular diet regimen. Carbinol compounds have the highest concentrations when the banana's outer covering is ripe enough to show black dots.

3. Boosts energy: Eating banana can boost your body's energy level after eating one or two pieces. Each single banana contains vitamin B-complex that is responsible for boosting your body's energy into a higher level. These include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, Folate, and biotin. It is advised for individual experiencing fatigue to eat at least a piece of banana so that they can regain their energy level back to the normal level. Our body needs energy on a daily basis, that is why eating banana helps our body to prevent fatigue and weakness.

4. Controls hypertension: Hypertension is one of the most successful causes of mortality. Banana is known to contain potassium, which is known to improve the cardiovascular integrity of our body. Potassium controls high blood pressure that is a precursor for developing risks for stroke or also known as cerebrovascular accident, which can lead to paralysis when left untreated. Getting an adequate amount of potassium by eating banana will help to regulate your blood, thereby controlling the amount of clotting factors responsible for clogging the blood vessels.

5. Improves mood: Eating banana on a regular basis helps our mood to be improved. This fruit contains dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine that regulates our body's cognitive as well as emotional response. It regulates dopamine that will help neuron cells to regulate their signaling channels with other neurons so that the processing of information becomes functional and allow information to be easily retrieved by an individual. Aside from improving our mood, eating banana helps our memory to function efficiently by letting the brain to process and interpret collected information from its senses on a short period of time.

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