A dog is considered as man's best friend because they are always there to keep you safe as well as to make you feel comfortable at their presence. Many individuals need dogs because they will have a new company at home. This is the reason why ancient humans began domesticating feral dogs thousands of years ago. Since then, dogs became an important part of a human lifestyle. These precious beings are then pampered and given extra care for owners who have a passion handling their pet on a regular basis.

As a man's best friend, you should always ensure that the safety of your pet will always be taken cared regularly. As the master of your pet, ensuring the safety of your companion is one of the best interests that should be preserved. Aside from being a master, you are also responsible for protecting the welfare of your beloved pet, which is one of the most important things to consider so that you will be establishing a long-term relationship with your pet at home. Keeping your pet comfortable and secured are just one of the most important ways to maintain your safety and integrity as a way to promote a healthy relationship with your pet.
A cute white pet dog sitting on the cemented porch
Having a pet at home comforts all household members

Why do we need to pamper our pets? Similar to other animals, dogs are living organisms that always needs special care so that they can have a prolonged lifespan. Similar with humans, dogs need food or water in order to survive as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Basing from the basic needs, food consumption plays an integral part of an animal's daily routine because it is where energy and nutrients are extracted for the body's nourishment.

They need extra care so that they will feel to belong with their owners who are handling their welfare. This is the reason why we see pet handlers who are seen to provide extra attention to their pets because they understand how an animal feels when being pampered. It is not only humans who does show emotions but animals as well. Animal psychology plays an important role for understanding animal behaviors that impacts their relationship with humans.

Ways to pamper your dog pet at home

1. Regularly bathing your dog: Fury animals are always at risk for flea or tick infestation because their fur provides a safe haven for insects to breed. Bathing your dog can regularly prevent insect infestation that prevents any risk of being infected with vector-borne diseases. You can try bathing your pet every other day or every three days except if your pet is suffering from health-related distress.  so that your pets become fluffier and smell better.

2. Frequently massaging your dog: Simple massage techniques such as brushing your pet's fur using your hand allow their skin and muscles located near their fur to relax and dilates the blood vessels. A pet always loves being touched by their owners because it lets them interpret that they are being cared. Caressing the belly of your pet will keep them having a comfortable environment while with their owners. Pet allows non-owners to touch their belly because they always feel good being touched that makes them feel loved.

3. Building a dog house: If you build a small house for your dog, they will become more thankful and delighted for having a personal space for them to stay. Pampering your pet by building or buying a dog house makes them feel physically secured from any outside threats that keep them away from harm. A dog house is an excellent pampering way to let your dog establish a sense of territory between their space and with their owner's space. Building a dog house can be either placed inside or outside your home.

4. Bringing them to a dog spa: There are numerous dog spas open for pampering pet animals across the streets or can be found at any public spaces. It is a center that intends to create a more comfortable environment for dog pets. Dog spa will provide hair care, skin care, and nail care so that your pet will look more presentable and adorable. Your beloved companion will have lesser distressing situations that make them become more comfortable with their appearance, health, and feelings.

5. Teaching simple tricks: Dog always loved being taught with simple skills in order to create a closer relationship with their owners. This includes knowing how to correctly pick up thrown items, toilet training, and feeding properly. Communication between humans and dogs provide a better rapport because there are positive practices that can help to strengthen the relationship and improving relationships with each other.

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