When we go outside, we always see someone along the streets performing numerous exercise routines. But each month, there are more individuals who are doing similar routine along the streets as well as inside parks. We can also observe that there are a group of individuals who are performing exercise routine inside a spacious area where they can freely apply their range of motion activities. This includes simple jogging activities, yoga, or aerobics that we often see along the streets or several parks.

Health care workers, dieticians, and other allied health care professionals that are recommending every individual to start exercising on a daily basis. This is to promote health and prevent diseases that are potentially life threatening. Simple exercises on a regular basis can help to address health care issues so that this will limit any progression of potential illnesses that would debilitate the body in the future. Simple exercise is not a hard thing to do and it will not cost anything if you start burning your fats regularly.
An inspired man in elliptical bike to always stay fit
A man doing his daily exercise routine to keep himself healthy

What is physical exercise? It is a process wherein there is a bodily activity that is initiated by an individual. It is where all parts of the body will be mobilized using proper techniques that enable every part of the body to release energy. Exercise is usually performed for at least three or four times a week in a duration between 10 to 15 minutes each day. More than 15 minutes per day is allowable for as long as the person is physically fit to take longer physical exercise routine on a daily basis.

The purpose of doing physical exercise is to maintain or enhance physical fitness of a person. Doing this particular routine is enticing the general adult population because it can provide numerous benefits to the health as well as wellness of a person. If a person can do a regular physical exercise for at least several months, there will be a change with the physiology of their body that will urge them to do more exercise routine at similar schedules.

Examples of physical exercises

One example is doing simple jogging. This is an activity that allow a person to run on long distances by navigating the streets. Other individuals may perform jogging at the park in order to experience a pristine environment. Others may jog to athletic centers where there are track ovals that are open to the public. If individuals are not available to jog outdoors, they may use abdominal twisters in order to shape their abdomen.

A movable circular abdominal circular machine
Using twisting machine makes you have a smaller belly

Strength training exercise can be used in order to put a pressure for the muscles in order to release energy. This includes lifting heavy equipment so that the body releases energy and enhances a cardiovascular system to increase its circulation. strength training exercise needs proper technique to lift heavy objects in order to prevent injuries.

Three black shaded dumbbels
Strength training dumbbells helps to tone done muscles

Why should you start doing physical exercise?

1. Tone down your body: Physical exercise tones your body that will change the way you look and will probably shock your friends or workmates. It sculpts your body by increasing the bulk of your muscle. It allows every muscle fiber to strengthen and to change the appearance of your body. Doing regular exercise for several months will see a dramatic change in your body. Friends will notice that you look differently from the past month and they will surely know that you are already engaged in doing physical exercise from either at home or at a fitness training center.

2. Burns fat: Excess bulkiness is always a concern that makes our appearance to be bulkier. As physical exercise is always causing stored glucose in each muscle fiber in the body to be released, it will then start to cause fat cells to be synthesized. Our body always store energy through the form of fat cells that accumulates along the muscle fibers as well as thickening the subcutaneous layer of the skin. Doing physical exercise will reduce the amount of fats that can be burned when we do it on a regular basis, which can bring significant benefits to our body in the long term.

3. Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases: Exercise will generate heat in our body that causes the blood vessels to expand. If the blood vessels are dilated on a specific period of time, it will improve blood circulation that will be nourishing all systems, organs, and tissues in our body. Exercise enhances cardiovascular boosting activity because it can flush out floating atheroma and fat particles that lower any risk of being dislodged along the cellular walls of the epithelial cells in the blood vessels.

4. Improves brain function: When we are not doing any exercise, our brain may not function properly. It is because poor physical activity will cause organs, cells, and tissues to perfuse poorly, leading to a poor cognitive function. Exercise can boost our brain's activity because when we do physical mobilization on a regular basis, blood circulation will be cleansing unwanted particles that are dislodged along the walls of the blood vessels in the brain to allow oxygen perfusion to take place. Exercise will boost oxygen synthesis in our brain that will make our mind to think properly as well as improving our memory.

5. Boosts the Lymphatic system: When a cardiovascular system will be activated through a regular physical exercise, the immune system will also be mobilized. The reason behind is that the lymphatic system is connected with the cardiovascular system, increasing the number of defending cells in our body to further patrol more organs and tissues by unwanted chemicals or bacteria. White blood cells and other immune components will be nourished by receiving adequate oxygen perfusion so that they can fight against bacteria or virus that is responsible for causing the body to fight against infection.

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