If you are fond of eating processed foods, you should be alarmed. This is because there are overlapping research studies that are available in published magazines, journals, and articles that warn the public regarding health impacts of eating foods that are preserved and processed.

If you are always eating bacon, hotdog, burger patties, chicken nuggets, and sausages could risk your health. This is brought about by the integration of unhealthy ingredients that can affect your health gradually. Eating these foods could risk yourself to develop unavoidable health risks that shortens your life.
Three varieties of processed meat
Eating processed foods on a daily basis can risk your health
What are processed foods?

These are foods that are prepared on a commercial basis such as being processed by food producing industries to optimize consumption of food for the public. Foods that are prepared have longer life span because they are containing preserved chemical components in order to be marketable to the public for weeks. Foods that are ready to eat are just some examples of processed foods that the public always acquires in retail shops or outlets in order to satisfy their hunger. Examples of processed foods are bacon, sausage, ham, spam, canned meat, and commercially prepared grind meat. 

Processed foods are created in order to increase food preparation convenience for individuals who are always rushing at work. Most individuals who have busy schedules do not have extra time to prepare for their meal. This is because time is very precious that they fail to take attention on exercising their culinary skills at home. Every morning, we observe that there are several individuals who are eating cup noodles, sandwiches, or burgers along the streets while they are rushing not to be late at their work or even at class. 

Risks of eating processed foods:

1. Increases development of cancer: Our body is made up of billions of cells and tissues. Cells mutate, because in physiology, there are life cycles of cells that are always being followed in a natural way. When cells mutate suspiciously, it can result to cancer formation. Why? It is because cells can be influenced by additives and preservatives that help aid with the mutation of cellular structures in order to become neoplasmic. People who eat processed foods regularly are known to be at higher risk for developing cancer than people who consumes unprocessed food. 

2. Decreases fiber: If you eat more processed meats on a daily basis, you are eliminating fiber in your system. Fiber plays an important role for ensuring that the nutrients in our body will be absorbed and distributed. However, eating processed foods flushes out fibers that will cause another health risks in your body. Consumable items that are commercially prepared contains no or few amount of fibers that is not recommended for your health. 

3. Cardiovascular disease: Processed foods can cause your body to develop risks to your heart and blood vessels diseases. Commercially prepared meat products are just some of the few items that are responsible for causing our heart to malfunction. Higher saturated fat levels increases atheroma formation that could be floating across your blood stream that could clog several arteries and veins. If free-floating fats are absorbed from digested foods containing mostly processed meat, it will then cause the viscosity of the blood to become thicker. 

4. Obesity: People who are always eating commercially prepared foods are at higher risk of developing obesity. This is referred to as a condition wherein the body's basal metabolic mass index is higher than the average recommended weight. Obesity can be a precursor to other diseases that can increase bulkiness to the body because there will be more fat cells that penetrate the blood stream. Arms, legs, and the abdomen appears larger due to excess formation of fat cells across the integumentary system. 

5. Mental degradation: Processed foods can also cause mental-related risks because the additives and preservatives can manipulate the function of the hormones of the body to change the synthesis of cells. This is also related with the formation of atheroma that clogs several blood vessels that supplies the brain, which could decrease oxygen perfusion in the brain. Neuron cells cannot function properly if there will be lesser oxygen perfusion that are needed by the brain to process logical activities so that the person can interpret expressions. 

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