Miss Vietnam Universe 2015 is now one of the most followed candidates this year's Miss Universe edition. She is starting to gain more and more attention to various media in Las Vegas. Various mass media from Latin American countries are also rooting for Vietnam as one of the hottest Asian candidates to outshine the Latinas. Miss Vietnam's potential is also concerning European, African, and other Asian delegates due to her strong aura.

Miss Universe 2015 is one of the most anticipated beauty pageants that the world have had witnessed. Miss Vietnam is one of the delegates to watch due to her strong stage presence as well as high level of confidence to boost her chances for winning Miss Universe. Vietnam is still hoping for its first win for Miss Universe and this woman might be the lucky girl to clinch the most coveted crown in the Universe in Las Vegas in Nevada State. Will Miss Vietnam will be able to make it to the top 15 semi-finalist? The last woman from Vietnam who penetrated the top 15 semifinalist round was in 2008 when the country hosted Miss Universe, which was won by Dayana Mendoza from Venezuela.
Miss Vietnam Universe 2015 Glam shot from Miss Universe
So let us meet Pham Thi Huong. She is the girl that has been gaining numerous public attention to various media sources from around the world. Pham is a Vietnamese beauty queen titleholder that is currently the reigning miss Universe Vietnam 2015. She is also a model in her home country, attending to various local fashion shows, magazine shoots, and some commercial advertisements. After gaining a license by winning the national beauty pageant when winning Miss Vietnam Universe in October 3, 2015, she is now in Las Vegas to seek for their country's first ever Miss Universe crown.

A girl to watch out for: What makes Pham so special in Miss Universe 2015? This is due to her very strong aura. Upon observing her performance during Miss Universe Vietnam 2015, she exudes a very appealing stage presence as one of her most powerful weapon. She has that invisible shock wave that when she stands in front of the stage, she can automatically generate a powerful energy that shocks all audiences, judges, organizers, and the hosts. Many pageant analysts warned that this woman should not be taken for granted because she might give a surprising shot to penetrate the top 15 spot as well as winning the pageant. 

Pham is now considered as the "hydrogen bomb" of Miss Universe. She has the strongest presence in this year's competition. She is believed to be the chosen one who can make history in her country to be the third woman in Southeast Asia to take home the bacon. This is a very hopeful dream for the country to be able to assert one of the most prestigious titles that the world has ever known that are going on in every year.  

Presence of Pham as can be resembled with the impact of hydrogen bomb

While the coronation night is now fast approaching, there were numerous pageant critics who always include her in their top 5 and not in top 10. Meaning, Pham can really step up to be one of the last five standing ladies during the coronation night. 
top pic by Guillermo Muraira

Pham's Biography

Pham Huong was born on the 4th of September in 1991. She grew up in Ho Chi Mhin City, Vietnam. She previously participated as a contestant in 2010 Vietnam's Next Top Model where she penetrated top 8. Prior to winning Miss Vietnam 2015, she joined last year and placing one of the top 10 semifinalist of Miss Vietnam 2014. 

Picture of Pham from her Miss Universe Vietnam Fan page

The 64th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant can be watched live via satellite provided by your local television media on December 20th of 2015. The pageant will be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. 

Paulina Vega, the reigning Miss Universe will be crowning her successor during the coronation night under WME/IMG management. 

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