Avid supporters of Star Wars movie will be once again delighted because there is a new series being released in theaters. It is now showing in theaters across North America and probably to other countries around the world. The movie is set to showcase the past and the present characters that will add more excitement to the movie because this will be a reunion for the former casts that were gathered in one film.

Star Wars is now elevating its concepts to the audience because there are new characters who are now going to challenge traditional cultures and values of the societies. There are new characters who will be playing a special role to ensure that there is a diversity in the field of the entertainment industry. These performers will ensure that the notion of conservativism will be outshined by the new element of transitioning into a contemporary mode of the industrial revolution. Star Wars represents the modern and futuristic society where people are able to travel through the cosmos with the help of the latest technologies that will ensure that future generations will no longer rely with the essentials of Mother Nature in planet Earth.
The First Order characters in Star Wars with Snoke and Storm stroopers
The initial release of Star Wars premiered in Los Angeles on the 14th of December of 2015. On December 18, 2015, the movie is set to be showing to several cinemas or theatres across the North American continents and other parts of Europe. It has an average running time of at least 135 minutes. The movie spent $200 million and made a box office hit during the premiere of at least $14.1 million. The gross income will be expected to rise as the movie will be further released by more theatres all over the world.

About the movie: The latest release of Star Wars is one of the most awaited space opera film, which is the seventh released movie to the public. Harisson Ford is the main cast of the event, which was one of the main original characters from the previous sequel or series of the film. Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures are the distribution companies responsible for managing and organizing the film. J. J. Abrams is the director and the producer of the film along with Bryan Burk. Lawrence Kasdan is also the main writer of the film along with the director.

Plot: The story starts with the reminiscing view of the Galactic Empire after 30 years. During this period, there is a new threat that is going to challenge the galactic civilization. The First Order was the remaining organized group that has the capability of ruling the Galactic civilization. However, the threat begins when the First Order tries to exterminate all possible remaining leaders, groups, and structures that were left behind by the past Galactic Empire in order to be replaced by the First Order. The only thing that will save the galaxy from the First Order is by a ragtag group together with the resistance group headed by Han Solo.

Response to the movie

Movie critics made positive remarks to the presentation of the new sequel. Most viewers are delighted to watch both past characters and fresh faces to portray signficant characters of the movie. This means that this latest movie will be showing the combination of the skill and talents of both veteran and neophyte characters of the film. The film is considered for general patronage because there is no age restriction as based from the theme and the sequel's genre. It is family oriented and can be recommended for the kids who loves Star Wars characters.

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